Huel Bars flavour

Hi all. I’ve ordered a multipack of the original bars (by which I mean the v3.1 bars) and a multipack of the complete protein bars. I’ve never had either of them before and was really looking forward to getting stuck in. I’ve just had a banoffee protein bar (the one covered in cocoa/chocolate), and all I can say is yuck. I know they are deliberately low sugar but the chocolate/cocoa round the outside is so bitter, it tastes like 100% cocoa chocolate. I ate it as I didn’t want to waste it. But not looking forward to having another one. Do they just take a bit of getting used to? Do they taste better warmed up slightly (it was quite cold from the package being left outdoors)? Anything I can do to improve them? I do have quite a sweet tooth.

Some people say they are improved by a few seconds in the microwave, but I’ve never tried doing that.

I sometimes enjoy a Huel bar after a quick blast in the microwave to soften. You would have to experiment, but about 15 seconds in my 850W oven is usually enough for me. I’ve never bought the complete protein bars so can’t help with them.

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Thanks Bee

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I do the same as Bee with peanut bar being my favourite. I have only bought 1 bar of the chocolate version as an add on and was not at all keen. :shushing_face:

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your initial experience with our Complete Protein Bars. To clarify, the outer layer of the bar is made from coca mass, which is likely why you have not found it as sweet as you would have liked.

Would you mind letting me know what it was about the taste of the bar that you did not enjoy? We take all feedback seriously and I would love to pass this back to the team :slightly_smiling_face: Aside from that, was there anything else that you did not get on with?

When it comes to the texture of the bar, it can be more on the harder side if it is stored in cold conditions. Our recommendation is to store it at room temperature which not only will improve the softness, but also slightly alter the taste.

Since you mentioned that you have quite a sweet tooth, I personally think you’ll do much better with the v3.1 bars, but that’s just my guess :sweat_smile:

Speak soon!

Hi Dom thanks for your message.

I just found it far too bitter. I like dark chocolate and actually often prefer it to vegan ‘milk’ chocolate but I don’t normally go much beyond about 70% cocoa, I just find it gets too bitter and too strong for my liking.
I found the taste of the cocoa over powered the flavour of the bar, all I could taste was bitter cocoa. And because the bar was cold, it was really hard so I was having to work really hard to bite it. Combination of hard to bite/chew and then getting a mouthful of bitter cocoa made for quite an unpleasant experience. I guess I was expecting more of a dark chocolate taste than a pure cocoa.

Thanks for following up on this!

I completely understand your preferences and will pass your feedback on to the team. Have you had a chance to try another Complete Protein bar having kept it in a warmer environment? I’d be keen to know what your thoughts are as I know that temperature can alter the experience :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you had a chance to try our v3.10 bars yet? If so, how did you get on?

So I can now feedback, I’ve had a few of each of the 2 different kinds. The complete protein bars do indeed taste better warmed up, however the bitterness of the cocoa for me prevents the flavour of the bar coming through clearly, the only flavour that to me was recognisable was the raspberry flavour.
As for the 3.1 bars, for me, they smell better than they taste.

I was lukewarm about the complete protein bars but after a while (about 60+ so far and counting), I’ve got to really like them. They’re so convenient as a nutritious and healthy snack between meals. Peanut butter was and remains my favourite. I was lukewarm about raspberry at first but like it now (apart from the raspberry pips? found in them). Banoffee is a bit hard but the flavour is good. Salted caramel is okay but probably my least favourite (although I still like it).