Huel bars selection - is it just me?

I have been using Huel for 6+ years - mostly the original powder, with half a banana and a scoop of peanut butter, blended in the Nutribullet - BOSS!

Recently, I broke with my normal order and decided to try the Black Edition (vanilla) and a bars selection box out of curiosity.

Regarding the bars…

WOW!! I’ve been through each flavour now and I have to say that they are really hard to eat. They taste so bad that I can’t understand how they passed any taste tests for general consumption. And leave me questioning if I got a bad batch or something.

Does anyone here buy them and enjoy them? Would love to know!

(PS - The black edition powder is OK - though a bit too sweet for me so will go back to the original :metal:)

I’ve been buying the coffee flavoured bars for a while and I really like them, the peanut butter and chocolate Orange took me a few to start enjoying them.

I have however, dropped them from my purchases since the news of the price increase as something had to go and these are the weakest of what a Huel offers.

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Yes mate. I go through maybe 10 a week of either chocolate or raspberry and white chocolate. The current version 3.1 is by far the tastiest. They won’t taste like a chocolate bar, or a treat bar, because they aren’t, but I still think they are very nice.


They’re an acquired taste. You have to keep going with them.

I think this is quite a good example of why we have launched our Protein Bar!

Welcome to the forum, Tom! Yes I totally get you and know some people think the same, but I love the Bars and loads of people do!

You should definitely check out our new protein bars! I think you would love them!

Ok will see if they grow on me, thanks

Thanks, Tim. I have a few to chew through so will keep going for now, but will try out the protein bars, for sure.

So OK I have to say — LOL I hated the protein bars when I first bit into them. I received a feedback request via email and if you’ve already had a chance to read through some of those forms, the most scathing one you got had to have been from me. My specific wording was something along the lines of ‘this is even worse than the regular bars which is saying something’.

That said — I bought 2 whole boxes of the protein bars and I don’t believe in food waste, so I’m working my way through them regardless. And, shockingly, similar to what happened when I tried the basic bars … the taste has gotten better.

Often taste is a question of familiarity right? I went vegan a decade ago and when I first tried soy milk I was repulsed, now I genuinely love the taste of it.

My advice to the poster, whether you decide to switch up or not, is to just persevere and try each flavour at least 3 times (easily done since that’s how many you get in a selection box). You may find your tastebuds adjust and either way by the end you’ll have a better idea of which flavours you actually like, find only “tolerable” or categorically dislike in comparison.

Plus … I think most of us don’t do Huel for the taste anyway, but for the health benefits & convenience. (That said I’ve learned to make the powder drinks in a way that tastes like a properly naughty chocolate milkshake now, so there’s always room to dabble.)


Ooh that sounds lush, do tell!

Damn now you got me curious and I wanna try some, happy to buy some off you if you’d like! Don’t like food waste either :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well thanks for the…honest…feedback! I guess we are looking for these bars to be something more people like on the first try, not after trialling them. But familiarity definitely helps! Perhaps people don’t choose Huel for the taste but we do want them to enjoy the taste!

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oh I did also choose Huel for the taste.
*******winks at Banana Black powder

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