I got the bars... 😬

First of all I want to say I love Huel like a fish loves water. I loved it all, the drink, the bars, all of it. Until this recent bars ‘improvement’ that is. The bars taste sickly and vanilla-ry-ry, and well, I just don’t like the taste of vanilla. Call me captain crunch but I used to love chomping on the little crunchy bits inside too, but they don’t crunch like they used to. The calories are lower, which is great for weight loss but so is the protein and I was relying on that extra protein for those GAINS. The only thing they improved for me, in my opinion, was the texture. It used to crawl it’s way down my throat and give this burning sensation like whisky, not even one I could get drunk on. I’d still take those bars over these anyday to have the old taste back.

I am going to force these down because I hate to see Huel go to waste but I have stopped my Huel bar subscription. Huel team could you possibly sell the previous version as well because I can’t even bring myself to eat these and I bought four blummin’ boxes? I appreciate your constant support and changes, but unfortunately this time I can’t say I love it.

What do you guys think, is my opinion a very unpopular one?

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Meh I actually kinda prefer the texture of the old ones but much much much prefer the flavour of these :man_shrugging:t2: Both versions are pretty good though. Can’t please everyone I suppose

Having said that, don’t mean to be dismissive of your opinion. I’m sure the bars will grow on you mate. Stick with them and then give us a review on each flavour?

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Interesting, I had a feeling others would like the taste a lot more but I just can’t do it. Anyway I’ll keep going with the rest of these boxes and then if I haven’t adapted I’ll have to come up with a new Huel game plan. Hopefully they can put the previous version back on sale and then I’ll be okay. Hopefully I’m not the only one who prefers them. Thanks for your response Ryan :raised_hands:

@JBonhuel what flavour have you got?
I think the new bars are amazing, and I loved the old ones too (v2 and v3).
Coffee caramel are my favourite but I’m pretty fond of the chocolate ones as well.

Where are you based?
I’ve got a box of v2 and a box of v3 I don’t mind swapping for v3.1 if you’re in the UK?

If not, maybe post on the forum and see if anyone near you has old stock and wants to swap

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Hi Christina, I have the v3.1 chocolate ones. I won’t dare try the other flavour bars as I don’t enjoy these at all. The only one I’d consider is the chocolate orange one but as I wasn’t a massive fan of the v3 chocolate orange ones, I doubt I’ll like it.

I am in the UK! I am in West Yorkshire and would love to swap if you’re up for it. I never tried the v2 version. How do you want to swap? Where are you based?

I’m in Bristol so I guess it would involve us both posting them!
I’ll check exactly what I’ve got when I’m home.
I have v3 cocoa expiry date Nov19 but they are fine I’ve been eating them every day.
And a box of v2 chocolate orange expiry date April 19 - again seem to be fine - I had one yesterday and it tasted the same and didn’t make me ill!
Let me check exactly how many I have so you can see if it’s a fair swap. Personally I feel it’s only fair to swap if I have more bars to send you, as mine are old and yours are new!
How many v3.1 do you have?

I have three full boxes :slight_smile:

I’ve only tried the previous Huel Bar Cocoa, But I found them very dry and the shelf life was very short. I did complete the box, but didn’t reorder.

I haven’t tried the new one yet. I don’t like you must order at least 2 boxes. I would have preferred a trial package option to try.

I really like the Huel shakes, but at the moment I have bars from another company which I think is a lot better / tastier.

I find the taste ok but preferred the crunchy texture of the previous ones to the chewiness of the new ones.

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@JBonhuel sorry for the delay in replying…
I’ve got one full box of v2 chocolate orange - their use by date was April 19 but I’ve been eating them they are okay!

I seem to have eaten all the v3 cacao ones. I thought I had a box but I can’t find them. So I guess they are eaten!

I’ve eaten all my v3.1s I think they are lush.

So I don’t have enough to swap with you.
My suggestion:
You’re welcome to have the box of v2 out of date ones for free if you pay the postage.

I don’t mind buying your v3.1s as long as it works out cheaper than or similar to buying them direct from Huel including postage.
But you can also return unopened boxes to huel for full refund within 30days so you may prefer to do that??

Shame we aren’t more local. Postage may cost a bit.
Although myHermes seems to be quite cheap - might only be about £3 to post a box or two

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Thanks for all the effort. I have done what @RyanT suggested and kept going with the bars. My body has adapted to them and I do now like them. Don’t know how but they are much more filling than the other ones. So I think I am a convert! I am back to LOVING everything about Huel again. Never been this happy with my diet in my 24 years of living. Thanks again Christina!


Glad you’re now a convert! Ithink v3.1 are great (although a bit too more-ish!)

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The others were too but I feel less peckish on the new version.

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I’m with you. Bought two boxes (Salted Caramel + Coffee Caramel) a couple of weeks back.

Not nice. Not got past the first bar of either.

I was a fan of v3.0, particularly the Coffee. It was its own thing - a sort of smoky coffee flavour with date sweetness. v3.1 seems formulated for a more conventional taste which highlights the earthiness of the pea protein. Unpalatable.

Yes and probably more wasteful.

Indeed! Though I think this may be a lost cause. I’m not pathologically resistant to change - I thought v3.0 was a significant improvement over v2.0. But the v3.1 replacement for the Coffee bar to me just tastes nasty. Won’t be buying those again.

I had this morning one of my last remaining v3.0 Coffee bars - I’ll miss you old friend. :cry:

I was a massive fan of v2 bars - they were like a food bar not a snack bar.
V3 was okay - I was relieved they still resembled food and not chocolate. I still preferred v2 tho.

V3.1… I really should be angry.
They no longer resemble food.
They are chewy and sweet and like eating fudge or chocolate.
I f*ing love them.
They are delicious.
So I’m not annoyed at all.
But I will have to nurture my discipline as it’s way too easy to eat 5 in one go.
I love v3.1 :heart_eyes::yum::blush::drooling_face::grin:


My favourite way to Huel up is to eat half a bar, have a half a bottle of the RTD berry (yum) then much rest of the bar and finish the bottle. After them both I am so full I can’t even think about food (especially crap food) for hours. But if I have the bar on its own I could eat probably 5 to 10 before I admit defeat.

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