New Huel Bars version 3.1 Review: Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Coffee Caramel, Chocolate Orange

My review of the 4 new Huel bars, version 3.1. Disclaimer, I was a big fan of the old ones, especially cacao and orange, but after forcing myself through a box of coffee flavour, I vowed never to buy them again…

Common to all four, so let’s start here. Definitely more “gooey” than previous iterations, but actually still pretty dense. So the result is a very chewy bar, hence one or two comments about them not being “soft”. The old bars, while much more dry, did have a softer, fluffier consistency. These new ones, while pretty chewy, are a lot more moist, so they definitely don’t have me reaching for my cuppa after every bite. They also have a really pleasant grainy mouthfeel that you get with something like those decadent billionaire’s shortcakes (other supermarkets are available), but without the over-the-top sweetness. And as mentioned by others the chocolate chips melt in your mouth even at room temperature.

Noticably smaller, to look at the thing. As others have said, the old ones looked more like the kind of thing that could fill in for a (very) small breakfast, these definitely look more like a snack. But don’t let that put you off, they still definitely feel filling enough to tide you over until the next mealtime, if that’s how you intend to use them.

Chocolate - Hmm, probably best not to compare directly to the old cacao bars, as those had a pleasantly bitter dark flavour. These new chocolate Huel bars are a more delicate flavour, but absolutely not unpleasant. A nice enough bar to have as the default option.

Coffee caramel - oh damn, despite how I felt about the old coffee Huel bars, I am 100% converted. Team coffee caramel all the way. Absolutely delicious. The coffee flavour is very subtle but it’s there, much like with the coffee truffle in a box of chocolates, it highlights the sweetness of the bar really nicely.

Chocolate orange - my love for the old ones is no secret. Amazingly, I am not sad to see them go! The new Chocolate Orange bars pack all the flavour of the old ones but with the improved texture of version 3.1. What I will say is that, much like with the new Chocolate Huel bar, the chocolate flavour is more subtle, and the dark cacao flavour is lost. This allows the orange flavour to come through with a real tartness, and leaves a very fruity aftertaste. Delicious!

Salted Caramel - Interesting colour! A much lighter, caramel-brown. It smells exactly like the salted caramel flavour boost. The chocolate chunks look massive! It tastes kind of like Oatso Simple caramel flavour porridge, if you put a pinch of salt in it. Not too salty, not too sweet! Very good!

Well done Huel, this has been a very successful update imo. The texture is indeed improved and the I never thought I’d be saying that coffee is my number one choice of Huel bar! I am still annoyed I had to fork out £100+ to taste all four flavours, and definitely think there should be a multipack on offer… but that’s a subject for another thread.

NB. I wasn’t paid for this review (yet? :grin:), or for linking to any particular supermarkets or products (unfortunately)


Nice to read impressions of all four at once. Now, nuke every type in the microwave and post some more!


and then eat 20 in an hour and post again.


Yes yes more data MORE.


Very thorough review - thanks!

I didn’t love the chocolate orange bars I had in the past (although they are very expired v2.1s…) as I found the orange oil quite bitter. Maybe I’ll give these 3.1 bars a shot though cause I do love chocolate orange every other time!

I hate to discourage anyone from trying anything (try everything twice - you might have done it wrong the first time - but I found the bitterness of the orange oil to be more pronounced in v3.0 v3.1. I liked it a lot but you may not. Although the bars themselves are less bitter overall now


I’m finding the new bars a teensy bit too moreish :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Did you mean v3.1? Or have I misunderstood what you’re saying

Thank you, I have amended my comment :slight_smile:

Thanks for that review!
I’ve just tried the new salted caramel and orange-choc bars and found them delightful. Soo much better than the cocoa bars v3.0.
If any friend of mine asked me for a v3.0 bar, I’d be hesitant to give them one, because I’d feel like I’d have to explain that the bar focuses on nutrition, not flavour.
As for the new bar, it feels like a normal chocolate bar and I could give it away without second thought (except I want them for myself).


I would say “it’s too orangey for crows. It’s just for me and my dog”. Then when they said huhh?? I’d shout GEN X HUMOUR and run away.


Thank you!

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This is a good review thank you @RyanT . I want to try these new bars. I didn’t try the old ones so can’t compare but now there are caramel flavours I think I can’t resist !


Even the orange bars have a bit of a saltiness to them I think; it’s nice.

Biggest gripe is that these turn rock hard in low temperatures (like 10C and below), so they are a bit problematic as far as winter hiking snackage is concerned. Need to plan to keep your next one inside your clothing so it’s defrosted by the time you eat it.


Just an update to say that salted caramel have really grown on me and I find myself craving them more than the other 3! :slight_smile:


Salted caramel was the only one I wasn’t that fond of… too sweet and no chocolate :laughing:
The chocolate ones are probably my favourite at the moment. It changes! The coffee caramel blew me away and then the chocolate orange too. I can see myself ordering all the flavours except salted caramel on a regular basis!

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Have you tried microwaving one or two into a softish pudding and sprinkling with cacao? Maybe a bit of custard on the side? :thinking: I haven’t, but it sounds delicious


I regularly microwave the chocolate and coffee caramel ones they make awesome melting chocolate puddings :drooling_face:


I have the Chocolate Orange & Coffee Caramel. And I love them both. I have them in every bag I use, so when I’m travelling I always have one with me. Maybe I try the others too, but jury is not out yet.

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So it’s been 2 months since my bars arrived. I’m tucking into a chocolate orange bar that is still as soft as the day I bought it, but a coffee caramel bar that I had yesterday was rock hard. I think I’ve got one of each flavour left so I will do some further investigations but I wonder if it’s a problem with the packaging or a problem with a specific ingredient?