New v3.1 Bars are available!


Our Bars are back with a bang and throughout today we are rolling out Bar v3.1, our best Bar by far! Keep your eyes on this post and your email inboxes for news of when they’re available in your country - we’ll be emailing each region when they’re released!

We’ve made a lot of changes and have come up with a revamped Bar recipe that is soft and chewy.

Nutritional info and all the detailed info is here -

You can find the product page here too -

  1. 4 incredible flavours - Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Coffee Caramel and Salted Caramel!
  2. Delicious vegan chocolate chips instead of cacao nibs
  3. Snack size - 200kcal. Perfectly half an RTD!
  4. Improved shelf life to 8 months - through manufacturing changes and tweaking ingredients that were drying the Bars out before

We are so excited about these, you are going to love them.

As you already know, we’ve changed the minimum order to two boxes, but your sub will change over automatically so you don’t need to do anything unless you want to change it.


New v3.1 Bars are live! Huel HQ rn. :point_down:



You will lose your 2-for-1 discount. Or at least I just did. And they can’t give it back to me so I have to call back and get a refund later, and it looks like it’ll be smaller than the discount I was being offered.

UPDATE: actually they can give it back (thanks Isobel!), but depending on how tight-fisted you are you might still want to reconsider: the discount you get back is for a subscription pack for free, i.e. £19.50 off. The discount existing subscribers have is, interestingly, for a non-subscription pack, i.e. £21.67. So by keeping your existing date you’ll save about £2.


Ooh, thanks for that. I was considering changing the date to today.

Woo! Just put an order in for 1x salted caramel and 1x coffee caramel.

I’ve been eating 7-month expired v2.0 coffee and chocolate orange bars for the past few months and never actually got around to trying v3.0 bars so I’m stoked to try these soon :grin:


What is this 2 for 1 discount? New one on me…

If you were subscribed to a single box, you’re forced to switch to a two-box sub. To soften the blow you get one box free the first time.


Not sure where to mention this, but I have a box of cocoa flavour v3.0 bars (minus maybe 3 bars) that I just cannot stomach. I’m UK based and if anyone would like them, let me know :slight_smile:

Hoping to recoup some of the cost, so I can try these new ones, but obviously don’t want them to go to waste.

I’m going to buy them, but in my mind will imagine they are all Lime and Chilli. I will never give up hope. For world peace, or for lime and chilli Huel bars.


If nobody else comes forward send me a DM and I’ll take them.

Dammit why did I not read this before excitedly changing my subscription date?!
I also lost out :sob:

@Tim_Huel: You are preparing for a Christmas surprise (sample pack of bars), aren’t you? :relaxed:

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Yeah I got excited when I saw there was now 4 flavours (4x4 multipack anyone?) but now the boxes contain 15 bars so…

Maybe a multipack of the flavours range? (5 each of the non-choc)

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Me too! :thinking:

@Bee get on the live chat thingy - Mark just sorted it for me :slight_smile:
Plus I’m now getting my bars tomorrow and two different flavours and a refund on the difference between what I would’ve paid and what I was charged.
First time I’ve tried Live Chat - very impressed! Instant response, instant resolution


Unfortunately I went mad and ordered 3 boxes. Can I still get a discount?
Edit: I have been charged the full amount.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Brilliant! What flavour did you (not) get?!
Were you already a subsciber? And did you get the email promising you your second box free?
If yes and yes then they will honour their offer and refund you for one box :slight_smile:
Their customer service is always awesome.
The only thing I’ve found in the past is sometimes their email response can be slow.
But with the new live chat - instant response - couldn’t ask for more !

Still Live Chat them Bee - the discount gets automatically removed if you edit your subscription in any way (its the same if you have a refer a friend discount applied, if you change your order, the discount drops off and you have to apply it again).
But they will still honour the discount - it will just appear as a refund

I did not order Chocolate. Yes I was already a subscriber and usually got two boxes at a time. I got no email promising discount, only the usual order acknowledgement one this morning. I brought my sub forward as soon as availability was announced.

aww :disappointed:
I think only people who had a one box subscription got the discount - only because we were forced into buying two boxes and our subscription automatically went from charging us for one box, to charging us for two boxes, so to soften the blow, they discounted the difference just for the first more expensive subscription