Bars discontinued

That’s a massive shame.
I found the 3.1 bars very useful for 200cal top up.
I understand why to an extent. The first time I ate a bar I was disappointed as I was comparing it to other much sweeter energy flapjacks etc. But they have massively grown on me and for a “complete nutrition” bar they taste great.
The complete protein ones are not so successful, but they are more filling.
What will the replacement be??
Another bar?
Please make it nut free.

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I had a feeling it was coming :frowning:
Granola, flavour boosts, will bars be next? I’m worried - Huel

I’m wondering what the reason for stopping bars before a replacement exists is (taking flasks of Huel to work isn’t an option for me).

Perhaps a space-issue as they re-gear for whatever’s next?

Really hoping they will bring back the idea of a bar or similar, it’s really my favourite and most practical breakfast :sob:

Is this true? Anyway, I kind of understand this and I have a feeling that the Complete Protein line of products could be next. I only ordered the bars twice, since they are expensive (for being only 200g), the flavours were a bit off and artificial, and 200g was not enough to replace the powder when I was on the go. I actually prefer the bars from the competition, and I always have at least one box at home.

Aw im so disappointed to now be told im losing the bars from my order. Thats original version macncheese, coffee plus the bars all disappearing this year from my order. Whats happening :thinking::unamused::sleepy:

Yes the complete protein suggestion as a replacement is a bit silly.

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In my opinion, Complete Protein is the next thing to go. Bars were a great idea, but they would have to do them from scratch, this was clearly not working.

I can’t understand what’s going on with this company. I remember when bars launched, they were way worse than now and the feedback was good, everyone loved it. A few years ago the problems began, the bar went from 250cal to 200cal and the price increased. I highly dislike the path this company chose, a complete meal replacement with multiple options turned into a weight loss product.
I no longer order the powder, the texture is great, and each version upgraded it, but I cannot tolerate the flavor since +2 years ago, and I was a customer since v1.2.
I liked my bar with 250cal, I wanted a snack, not a calorie limitation product. It sucked, and despite my heavy dislike I continue ordering. I don’t understand what they are doing, the bar is the only snack they sell, and now we are back to only the powder, I never thought this would happen.

I’m not at liberty to give away all details at the moment, but providing you have a medium stock pile up of Huel bars you should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Every time something is discontinued there are lots of complaints - but for every type of meal replacement you find a company that offers it - granola, bars, hot instant meals, high protein shake, low(er) protein shake/weight gainer, flavour drops or flavour boosts…there are so many brands out there that are not worse in quality.
I guess I am not allowed to mention any company names here, but if you know how to use a search engine you will find plenty of alternatives.

We aren’t getting rid of Huel snacks, the reason for the change was due to us just not being 100% happy with the recipe for the bars and wanting to create a better snacking product.

Keep your eyes peeled :eyes:

There were many factors that went into this decision, but it essentially boiled down to us not deeming them good enough and we wanted to see how we could improve our beloved Huel snack. The new product is worlds apart and a really exciting launch. Providing you have a Huel bar stash you don’t need to be concerned about us not selling a snack.


I love the Complete Protein bars. I’ve eaten 13 boxes of them so far and have another 4 boxes left.

Hopefully Huel will give us later a better indication of timing for withdrawal rather than just “late September” so that I can do a final order of 16 boxes before the end to hopefully tide me through until whatever replacement comes out!

Disappointing, maybe. I was really fond of the bars. Hopefully the new product will still maintain the best properties of the bars: not too sweet, satisfying texture, easy to take with you and consume on the go, (survives being squashed in a backpack and doesn’t make any mess when consumed, (not completely covered in chocolate or anything similar)). Does the new product still have all of those properties?

Huel crisps incoming!


Essential Flapjacks?

Can whatever’s next pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease be totally nut free? Losing out on the bars after developing a nut allergy left such a massive hole in my snack cupboard and routine - having solid snack Huel I can just grab out of the cupboard and throw into my shift kit bag would make a world of difference.

I second this.
Nut free please

Can you at least confirm if the new product is nut free and peanut free?

Hopefully they bring back bar version 1.0.