Granola, flavour boosts, will bars be next? I'm worried

Granola disappeared shortly after I started using Huel powder and I didn’t have a chance to try it. I wanted to check it out at some point but I can’t say I particularly miss it because I don’t even know how it tasted.
Recently we lost flavour boosts. I was using them at first but later I found out my two favourite Huel flavours: chocolate and salted caramel. They are great on their own so I haven’t bought flavour boosts for a long time.
But now I’m starting to worry. From what I’ve seen over the years original bars seem to be controversial, many people don’t like their taste.
On Huel website under “Free shipping. Free T‑shirt. Free time.” text original bars are missing and all other Huel products are there.
Recently I got an email about available chocolate flavours. There was RTD, black powder, original powder, protein bar. And again, original bar was missing.
I’m looking at the bar order page right now and coffee caramel flavour is ‘temporarily’ out of stock.
Are we being prepared to say goodbye to the bars? Are we on the verge of the apocalypse? Should I build an underground shelter and fill it up with the bars so that once the world plunges into no bar chaos, I’ll survive? Is the Earth flat? I have so many questions and no answers to any of them (ok, maybe except for the last one).
@Tim_Huel I know you loved granola, please stop this madness. You are the only one who can save the original bars (and the whole world)!


If the “white” bar range is discontinued I will personally cut the ropes on Tim’s hammock.

On a serious note I’d be shocked if these get discontinued. The bars are a core product, whereas granola was less mass appeal and flavour boosts have become somewhat redundant due to the move to premixed flavours.



No madness happening here! We love the bars, and although we are always looking to improve our ranges I can’t see the bars being discontinued in the same way granola was. I obviously would hate to say “never”, because we honestly can’t see into the future, but right now we don’t have plans to stop making our Bars!


That’s good to hear :slight_smile: