A fond farewell to Granola

Hi Hueligans,

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the discontinuation of Huel Granola. It’s had an amazing life, launching as the world’s first nutritionally complete cereal, back in January 2018 - even if it was a little dusty. It had a revamp in July of the same year which added more clusters and less dust due to better manufacturing process. Unfortunately, the low demand for it does not justify us continuing to produce it.

Don’t worry though, we aren’t discontinuing anything else, it’s just that the sales of Granola were much lower than other products.

We know many of you loved the Granola . We will be switching it off on site for single purchases and new subscriptions on Monday 6th April. We will continue to fulfil existing subscriptions that contain Granola until we run out. So, if you want to make sure you get some then be sure to subscribe or just grab a few boxes now.

If you’re looking for a great chew-able breakfast alternative we highly recommend the Huel Bars! They’re nutritionally complete, soft and chewy, gluten-free, and come in 5 flavours including… peanut butter, and salted caramel. https://huel.com/products/huel-bar


Always sad to see when a good product or service doesn’t pan out, but such is often the way of things. Hopefully we’ll get to see new and interesting products in the future.

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Damn. We saw it coming but it’s still sad. It was a great product, and I ate a lot of it, but I stopped buying it due to the amount of space and packaging required compared to powder.

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I only just started eating it!

Nooooooo its a damn pity…

With a good campaign on its own, granola could have been even more important than the main powder… Very sad, I normally end my dinner with milk and granola. :frowning:

@JamesCollier Could you recommend us an alternative for the Granola Huel to make it at home? Could be ready to eat or an open recipe

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I will be really sad to see the end of Granola. It has been my breakfast for the last 18 months or so :slightly_frowning_face:

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RIP Granola/Bill


Oh man, I hadn’t heard about that. One of the greatest voices in history and my favourite duck joke punchline. :disappointed: RIP

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Oh well It’s back to Lucky Charms for me

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Mellifluous. It’s sunny here. I will have a cider in his memory, cold not from the microwave.

I’m puddles?


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Hi @airiartev

I’m far from the most culinary adept individual, so I’m not the best to comment! When we developed Huel Granola I worked closely with our great product developers. It would be hard to replicate Huel Granola in a DIY format as the key ingredients included pea protein nuggets and a bespoke vitamin & mineral blend. But you could make some sort of cereal product that includes oats, seeds of different types, berries and pea protein powder - though this wouldn’t be nutritionally complete.


Personally very disappointed that the granola is being deleted. It has become part of my daily routine and works brilliantly with fresh berries and skyr. Fills you up nicely for the morning. Sad times!


VERY disappointed and sad.
I really liked this Granola, for me it was the best Huel product, delicious, practical and original. Won’t buy other products in replacement, sorry.


It is indeed very sad that this product has been taken out. In my opinion, it’s a solid idea, it just wasn’t “properly” executed or given the love it needed to take off.

I understand that every product you launch is a challenge, since it needs to compete not only with your own products, but also with alternatives from other brands. As such, money goes not only into development and production of the product, but also to the marketing. I feel like this is one of the aspects that Granola was forgotten on. I have not seen a single ad, instagram post, or social media buzz on Granola.

I understand that this could be due to the fact that you might have given up on the product, or that you didn’t get good enough feedback on it from your own customers. But while with the bars there was tons of effort made in order to make them more appealing (2 reworks, tons of social media presence etc.); this was not the case with Granola.

Then again, not every product will be a success and you might think that this is not a meal most users are looking for. That I don’t know. From what I’ve gathered in surveys and read online, there is a desire for more “food-like” products. In which, I personally think Granola could have a place.

That said, I hope that Huel looks to develop another solid alternative that is not a bar in the future.


I think it was a mistake to name it Granola. I can buy 1 kg of granola from Tesco, for £1.60. At first glance, the price of Huel Granola looks completely crazy.

If it had been marketed as a “crunchy” variant of Huel, maybe it would have been more successful. It’s no more expensive than Huel powder, and for most of 2019 I ate Huel Granola for breakfast and Huel powder for other meals. It was nice to have that change of texture, without having to compromise on price or nutrition. Huel bars don’t fill that niche, because they cost so much more.

I know it was an April Fool, but Huel Crisps is the Holy Grail.


I was actually thinking about that after the announcement of the demise of the granola and wondered instead of putting a lot of resources (and risk) into another new product line, if a ‘partner’ program could be an option instead with an own brand retailer – Sainsbury’s being an obvious choice.

There could be any number of products under a sort of Sainsbury’s made with Huel banner – such as:

  • Vegan dried pasta
  • GF Fresh Breads
  • Ambient/frozen part baked breads/pizza bases etc
  • Bakery (muffins, cookies etc)
  • Crispbreads/crackers

I still think that granola could have been one of the top selling products if advertised properly



How sad. The granola was the only product which actually felt like “food” to me. It was nutritionally complete, tasted good and did not cause anyone to look at you like you’re from the year 2120 (not necessarily a bad thing!).

I won’t be continuing with any of the other product lines as I just don’t like the powder, and simply don’t understand the sizing of the bottles and bars. As I’ve said all along, 400kcal bottles are never going to be enough for lunch. Having to carry two around? Unreasonable. One larger one and some left over for later? Makes more sense. Also when are Huel back onto the US formulation? My partner who is a Berry fanatic said the new temporary “formulation” is no where near as good.

The bars are just not economical and so disappointed to see them get smaller. 200kcals is fresh air.

Huel desperately need more “real foods” with an appropriate calorie content that will appeal to the general public. So sad about the granola because it seemed to be the nearest thing to that.