Bring back Granola!

I have to force myself to drink the shakes but the granola is a delight! I bought them boxes when you announced it is discontinued and I will go through them so quickly!

Pleas being the granola back, it’s your only prudct that I absolutely love!


I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Not enough people agreed with ya.

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You are not alone in loving granola but sadly it seems we were in a minority.


When I heard Granola was going to be discontinued I was very sad: I loved to have it mixed with low fat yogurt for breakfast or lunch.
However I do understand that Huel, as every business has to be profitable and therefore if sales volumes do not allow this, the product has to be discontinued.


Having tried all Huel products the only one that I’ve used for well over a year was the granola. It wasn’t perfect but it ticks most boxes and is still solid food.

Recently stocked up on quite a few boxes (going through 3 a week) but once these are gone I’m afraid it won’t be Huel anymore for me.

It’s a shame considering these were a side product from the get-go, should have had more marketing.


Sooooo sad too! :sob:
I have ordered 21 boxes when they announced the discontinuation!