Huel Granola please come back

Hello together and friends of the Huel Granola
I start a petition, please subscribe it :pray::sunglasses:



TBH, if Huel say it wasn’t profitable then there clearly wasn’t enough people buying it.

There a business at the end of the day and have to please their shareholders. That means only selling things that make a profit in almost all instances.

There a great brand and seem to care about their customers, but they need to make money.


Apparently they are putting their R&D budget into Huel Monster Munch, not squandering it on products that aren’t popular.

I love the spirit of this! No harm trying. I for one, loved Granola!

I was a big Huel Granola fan. It was my daily breakfast until finally discontinued and I wept into my porridge to see it go :sob:

I really liked the idea and it did taste lovely; but the pricing was way out for it to become a product I’d buy regularly.

Why don’t you just mix the ingredients of this product together? The only thing that would be missing are vitamins and minerals, and these can be taken as an additional supplement.

There is also another brand that offers exactly the same product. If you don’t get your prefered product from Huel you may browse the market - you will find virtually anything if you’re just flexible with regard to the company/brand.