Bring back the Huel Granola

Please bring back the granola I will give you anything you can even have my first born child


My brother in Christ if you had the chance to taste the divinity of the Huel Granola you would dedicate your life to acquiring the sweet blissful euphoria of consuming it. We were put on this planet by God for one reason and one reason only, to eat Huel Granola with soy milk.

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Yes, please do bring it back.

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Hahahhaa. Brilliant post

I wonder if there’s a Huel Granola hack where you can make your own??!

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Getting an old package, reading the ingredients and doing it your own😂

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The amount of people at Huel HQ who are going to assume I made a fake account…


+1. Just make sure that there is a banana flavor.

maybe (if it’s financially feasible) reintroduce it for a limited time? and you’ll see the response?
I know this may involve turning on a whole different factory but anyway :smiley:

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I love the idea of different and new Huel products (squeezy Huel-in-a-tube?) but right now I’d be happier to know that the company’s going to stick to what it does best and not overstretch, so we can avoid having to pay more for what we’ve already got. Things are getting very tough for a lot of people and likely gonna get tougher. If Huel can hold prices steady whilst everything else is going off the scale I’ll gladly hold on awhile for new products… :pray:


+1 for me too - would love to see this. I didn’t get to try it the first time around.

Or a warm breakfast option - I’d be open to a Huel porridge of some sort! I love the H&S range, but think I’d get some weird looks in the office if I started having pasta for brekkie.

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I too was a huge fan of Huel Granola and was most put out when it was discontinued.


I make overnight soaked oats with a Huel shake as my liquid

See that has potential - but what I like about Huel is that it’s 400cals all in. If you start mixing up overnight oats + a shake then you have to get all mathsy, and numbers make my brain hurt! :upside_down_face:

Yes, you may get more calories. imo that’s a good thing, stay full for longer :slight_smile: Less snacking :slight_smile
I usually make up a batch of four servings with 4 scoops of Huel so I’m only having 200 cals of Huel and the rest in what I add to the overnight oats. I think it works out alright and I end up having that for breakfast and a shake for lunch

Overnight oats and Huel doesn’t need to be too mathsy. :wink: Least the organic oats I like work out as 150kc per Huel scoopful, so a scoop of Huel and a scoop of oats is 350kc. Near enough!

@Bring_Back_Granola look what you’ve done. I’m suspect #1 for this new thread about granola!


I loved Granola guys. I really did. I was heartbroken when it went. I promise I fought it’s corner. But it wasn’t a popular item and we couldn’t make it work commercially. Unfortunately it is gone, and there comes a time when we need to move on and stop digging up our past. RIP Granola :headstone: Forever in our hearts.


I’m more sad about the flavour boost (especially Peanut Butter since it’s now available as a flavour in the UK) rather than the granola :frowning:

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I will stop at nothing to satiete my carnal desire for Huel Granola, this is not the end!

In all sincerity, given the massive growth in the size of Huel over the past few years, perhaps now bringing it back might be more viable. I remember when Huel was a very small business when I started drinking Huel (and eating the granola) and I knew noone else who drank it (or ate the granola) but now I could just rattle off a long list of people I know that regularly use one of your products. Or perhaps at least in the future with further growth it might at some point become commercially feasible with a much bigger customer base. Many of us would jump at the chance to buy the granola again and I’m sure plenty of the new customers acquired over the past years would at least try it.


There are other reasons why granola wasn’t a success and it wasn’t down to the product. Back then, Huel was a much smaller company, and the marketing exposure given to granola was much smaller compared to what has been given to more recently to the ready to drink, black edition, and the hot and savoury product launches. The marketing has been sustained for those products since launch as well. Granola also came in very small boxes, far smaller than a typical cereal sized box, and costed much more than they do.

Given Huel’s massive growth since those days, if it were to re-launch it, in a bigger sized box and with a fair marketing splash, it might be more successful this time.


You also have to factor in the ready to eat cereal market – it’s huge - USD 36.5 billion a year globally and growing at about 4% annually. People tend to be pretty brand and flavour loyal with their cereals too – so to break into that successfully is a very heavy lift indeed and it’s hard to pitch a new cereal with something new and different.

A product like ‘a just add water’ flavoured overnight oats could easily be as or more successful than a granola relaunch.

I tried a new Weetabix ‘breakfast to go’ product a while back. It was like a small, high protein ready to drink - but had the consistency of thinned out porridge as it contained rough milled grains. It didn’t seem to last here, but I quite liked it. I can only imagine what the texture was so chalky I almost gagged/fainted/transmogrified crowd would make of it though.