New granola


Seems like a lot was invested in the powers and bars sections , good to see : ) any plans to release new version of granola anytime soon ?

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Huel Berry Granola with 100ml almond milk is my regular breakfast every day of the week and I really enjoy it. What would you like to see changed?

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Banana :banana: or chocolate :chocolate_bar: flavours?


Not sure I would like that but others might :grin:

Cinnamon. Possibly with apple!

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I quite liked the berry granola, but the vanilla was like eating gravel. Definitely needs some work.

I’m currently debating whether to order some more berry or to leave it.


I would like more berry pieces in the berry granola, pretty please!

We upgraded Huel Granola to v1.1 summer last year so at the moment we’re not working on any developments on this product.

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Original Granola is mine and my sisters favourite complete food <3
I think the two flavours are sufficient, though I second Bee with requesting more berries. However, adding dried cranberries or cherries works well.

Other ways to easily add flavour and phytonutrients -

  • chocolate - cacao nibs or powder
  • coconut (unsweetened, desiccated, toasted etc.)
  • chopped nuts (bought)
  • other dried fruit
  • cinnamon (or any other herb or spice) powder
  • coffee
  • Huel powder and flavour boosters!

All are non-perishable and can be bought from supermarkets or Holland and Barrats for ~50p per 100g, and I normally add 50-100g per granola box.

Other ‘superfood’ powers (e.g. spirulina, matcha) are more expensive and less tasty, but a good nutrient boost.


I was hoping for more originality in my Huel original granola.