New Huel Granola

The new huel granola is super tasty - better tasting than before. It has a really nice oaty taste and is very easy to eat. I did like the powdery texture in the prior version but don’t really miss it now it is gone. I think it might be a little less sweet and that isn’t a bad thing!

Something I did like with the older version was I did try adding some granola to hot rice pudding and that tasted great! With the old version it worked quite well and was quite crunchy and reminded me of apple crumble, but with the new version it isn’t so crunchy and softer and I don’t find that as nice to eat. However it doesn’t really matter and I feel like noone eats the granola like that anyway :sweat_smile:

Overall I think it’s great :smiley:


Cheers Jake, so pleased you’re loving the new Granola! Thanks for the feedback :metal: