Very disappointed with the "granola"

I’ve been using the Huel powder for around a year now, and I’m very happy with it. It’s off the back of this satisfaction that I (quite excitedly) decided to try out the granola. My experience is the complete opposite.

The amount of powder and very fine content is ridiculous. It’s more like eating milky sawdust than anything remotely resembling granola.

I tried both the Berry and Original (v1.1), both are the same:

Compare this with the only picture (!!) I can find on your site of the actual granola:

That bowl contains large clusters, which look nothing like what I actually purchased. I honestly feel a little duped right now. I absolutely will not be buying this “granola” again. I’ve a couple friends that were thinking of trying it, but they’re now totally turned off too.

Do you have Granola 1.0 or 1.1?

1.1 was recently released and is less powdery.

Dunno how you manage to keep the milk in…llthat bowl you’re using has a lot of holes.


It’s version 1.1

Not tried 1.1 but 1.0 looks nothing like this, maybe something went wrong with this batch?

I had no idea they changed it, I got an order recently and thought they forgot to put the micronutrient powder in it at first lol.

I live for your snarky comments

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I don’t think you are being serious lol

My first bowl of the Berry was nice - I liked the flavour but didn’t like it as a whole… probably doesn’t make sense.

My second bowl was just foul it tasted of cardboard, couldn’t taste the berry flavour at all, and it was like a paste! The only difference I can think of is that I moved the contents around in the packet and ended up with a lot of powder which made a paste when the milk was added.

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Looks like bird-food

I love it. Both original and berry taste great with a little almond or oat milk.


Agree Bee!

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It seems like a way to sell production waste

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So cynical! So…true?

A very tasty way, if so :yum:

Quite nice with yoghurt too!

Not tried that yet. Must do soon :yum: