Huel Granola feedback

Got the new Huel Granola and I really like it, in terms of concept and the quality of the product. However, my only complaint is that there seems to be a lot of fine powder in the foil bag. I assume this is a byproduct of the manufacturing process, and possibly is something most cereal companies have to deal with. But Huel Granola is quite absorbant and this fine powder makes the meal quite thick, gloopy, and a bit unpleasant. I have resorted to using a sieve to filter the solid chunks from the powder, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of usable Granola to enjoy. Is it possible to filter the powder before the Granola is added to the foil bag, or upping the amount put into the bag so we have more usable product if we choose to sieve it ourselves? I do shake the bag (quite violently, if I’m honest) before use as per the instructions on the box.


I’m guessing if you remove the powder you will be losing a lot of the micronutrients.

I like to add a tiny bit more milk than suggested (a small splash over the 100ml) and stir thoroughly before eating. The powder then just dissolves and flavours the milk.

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Hi - thanks for the feedback; Huel Granola is a new product so we need to hear about customer exepriences :slight_smile:

We have noticed there can be some excess powder. I wonder if shaking it too violently, is causing more breakage.



I’m absolutely in love with the granola (just ordered 3 more boxes)

Now like you I did notice that the fine powder can be a bit of an issue, but coming from a engineering background within food manufacturing this was also an issue where the larger particles would, through shaking of the product in transport, “sift” the larger to the top of the box and gravity pulling the smaller down and around the bigger parts causing a separation.

Now I have tried two methods to alleviate the issue, one was to use a colander to sift the small from the large, separate into two containers, then when ready, equal measure both into a bowl for eating

The other was more simple and works almost as well, when the box arrives to you, rotate the box through 90 degrees and in each rotation, lightly shake the box to redistribute the powder evenly within the box throuout a full single rotation.

So far the 90’ shake turn works well for me (and it’s a similar method to how Hovis etc shake their dry dough mixture before baking)

If you want to see this in action, put the Huel granola into a clear cereal Tupperware container, then you can see the powder that’s settled and watch it mixing up.

Hope that helps


I like broccoli and I like chocolate- but I don’t think I would like chocolate broccoli. Similarly I like Huel and I like granola but I’m not enjoying Huel granola. The powder is the main issue, giving the granola experience an unpleasant texture. If it was chunks of granola with no powder it would be much more palatable. I might also try adding dried fruit: bananas, apricots even raisins. But something needs to be done about the powder effect!

Tried it today, not for me, loads of powder, left a weird dry feeling in my mouth.
I’m just guessing but anyone that eats anything that’s a 60g serving is going to lose weight!
My 6 year old boy would be hungry on that, i served up my normal sized bowl and it was half the box!! I’m 6ft 2 and 95kg, i don’t measure my meal’s and i get Hangry so need a good size portion.

I love the granola and have 2 boxes a week, I find the powder mixes in well with the milk :slight_smile:


Sorry you aren’t so keen on the Granola, certainly if you are a bigger person you require more Huel. Most cereal products recommend a 30g portion don’t they? So at least we’re a little more realistic! It’s just a serving suggestion and I have 100g portions myself - granted I’m not 6’2" and 95kg(!) - but probably half the box will bring about laxative effects. Weight loss is just about net calorie intake, so you wouldn’t necessarily lose weight eating our Granola.

Perhaps combine with our Huel Powder and it will will you up more!

Yeah sorry guys, just had my first bowl of berry flavoured granola and threw half of it away. Close to inedible. The powder, the gloopiness, the taste.

I really like the Granola as it is now.
Tastes good, no problem with the powder, wich mixes with the milk and flavours it.
I love it, do not change anything!


I like the granola, I eat it with a little yogurt and honey.
I would like the granola to be available in a (much) larger bag.


Granola Q ? - Firstly I love the taste of unflavoured Huel but I must be honest I am not enjoying the taste of the Natural or the Berry flavour Granola! I love plain foods and porridges and am def not a lover of heavy flavours I enjoy. Am I doing something wrong here?

Sorry @dgee111 and @ap7663 you aren’t getting along with the Granola, this is our first version as Huelers know we’re always looking to improve and release new versions to improve it.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the email – I tasted really odd tbh and couldn’t finish a bowl, as I said the weird thing is that I am very happy using plain Huel. I don’t eat sugared cereals etc so I’m not a high flavour junky!


I’m on my third box now. First box of berry was fine, but also thought there was a bit too much powder in some bowls, I assumed I didn’t shake it well enough. Second box of regular granola, gave it a good shake each day and no issues, and I was surprised at how much I preferred the flavour vs berry. Third box opened today, back to berry, no issues so far.

If I were being really fussy, and I don’t want to encourage the use of more non-recyclable plastic, but the bag is quite small, so if you open it for your first bowl, then want to shake it before your second bowl, it’s quite hard to clamp the bag closed in your hand and for there to be enough free space left in the bag to shake! I ended up using a plastic food bag clip. But that’s REALLY fussy feedback!

just want to say I love the unflavoured granola. It tasted like a bowl of seeds which I really enjoyed. Much better than the berry one.


:+1: I need more bigger boxes. Why not in big pouches, like the Powder?

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I don’t understand why some people are having a problem with the granola and the nutrition powder. So long as you shake the bag before every serving, it’s fine. I love the berry taste too. Excellent. I will be continuing with this.

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Same here, those regular boxes lose the point of Huel

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We wanted the Granola to be comparative to granola you buy in the supermarkets. Increased box size means that the price would go up per box, the idea of paying £6-£7 for a box of granola is not feasible for many. We wanted to be inline with the industry. Also, 420g is a week’s worth of Granola!

Hope that makes sense!