Huel Granola feedback


Not much Tim… The price also is high for the granola… The actual price would be great if the box could fit 700g but 400g is being one more company in the food industry, a typical bad one I mean.

If we consume Huel is because we dont like how is managed nowadays, with tons of food waste, with bad quality food and with millions of packagings full of plastics and air. If you could at least offer a big box to reduce these effects could be great… And the price, again is high for the granola, Huel is much cheaper for what it does


It’s very expensive. I can’t describe the taste as it’s more than tasteless, it’s offputting, powdery but at the same time off-putting. I tried layering it with a stupid amount of honey & Mapel syrup and it still made the bowl of cereal taste bad. It’s strange how you add sweetener to it to mask the taste and it tastes worse.

I understand you’re in a tricky place. You have to balance taste with the right ingredients to be healthy and natural.


I hear you and I’m sorry that you aren’t pleased with the price, but we aren’t going to be able to half the price of our Granola, sorry.

Huel Granola does work out the same per 500kcal as Huel Powder (£1.60/500kcal)


I look forward of the granola, but I would like to buy in bigger packages. I use a recipient about 2 liters and a half to store cereals and I would like to start doing the same with the granola, but I would need 4 granola bags to fill the recipient… I dont like that idea, the whole point of Huel is missed.


Sure, @TimOfficialHuel, I truly understand your point. But, as a subscriber, I would be more than happy to receive my 5-weeks dose in pouches. You know, here in France, we have granolas in the supermarkets that already are in pouches, not boxes. That is easier to store and easier to have big quantity (1 kg pouch would be fine!).

Anyway, I love my Huel Granola, whatever package you use!


I find it perfectly fine to eat and even quite tasty. I add about 150ml of unsweetened almond milk to 60g of berry granola and it’s just enough to fill me up and keeps hunger at bay til lunch. Price-wise I found it to be the same as regular Huel if you balance out how many calories you’re getting from it.


I am a very picky eater (like, imagine 6 year old child fussy) and am happy to report that I am enjoying the Original Granola. I’m having a 60g serving with 100ml rice milk.
I leave it to stand for 10 minutes or so before eating and find it really quite enjoyable. I eat it slowly and it fills me up nicely too.


I have been having the standard granola with blue berries and meridien peanut butter drizzled over the blue berries. Its super good and I eat it a lot. But when I think about it, when I find something I like I don’t really eat anything else, like spinach and ricotta tortellini, have been eating that my whole life and I still love it!


Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I like the Berry granola. I do use coconut milk, which adds to the flavour. Personally, I’d like it to have larger granola chunks but that’s just me. It is a bit powdery sometimes but I just inhale it anyway!


I love both granolas and alternate them for breakfast. I add 100ml almond or coconut milk (mostly almond) and let it sit for a little while before eating. I stick to the same routine every morning. Weigh and add milk to granola, leave to soak, make up lunchtime shake and place in fridge. By which time granola is perfect and ready to eat :yum: