New Granola v1.1!


Hi everyone,

We’ve improved Huel Granola! The nutritional values are the same, but we’ve changed the manufacturing process and tweaked the ingredient ratios a little.

Previously, the pea protein, flavour powders and added vitamins and minerals were added after the baking process along with the seeds (and dried fruit in Berry Granola). We’ve now added these powders before the granola is baked which has resulted in a less powdery, more golden and better textured Huel Granola.

Don’t worry about the nutritionals, our Nutrition and Quality teams have evaluated the levels of the vitamins and minerals and they are line where they should be.

Available now in the UK :star2:

Very disappointed with the "granola"
Changes to Huel Granola

Good one. Thanks.
Hope to see it on SE store soon


Great! Seems a nice improvement. Is there already and ETA for EU store?

And when it’s available, will the subscriptions be automatically updated with the new product?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


EU should be very soon.

And yes all subscriptions will be updated automatically :slight_smile:


Thanks Zoe, can’t wait to try :slight_smile:



…that is all


My feedback was heard :slight_smile:

Its a pity that I have still 10 bags


Hi guys
This is a great improvement. Quite a challenge though: with other Huel products, we change the ingredients to improve. This was a process change, so I had to be sure nutritionals weren’t compromised - and was why it took some time!


Could hou explain better what you did? Seems that you changed completely the process

Just curious


OMG. My favourite meal of the day, just got better.

Might have to double up my intake for a couple of weeks, to get this new flavour quicker…

Nice one guys|


Looking at the Nutrition info, it seems there is a lot more sugar in the Granola than the powder. Is there any reason for this?


Don’t be fooled by this picture New/Old picture. This is what you actually get (v1.1):

It’s like eating sawdust. I hate to imagine what v1.0 was like.



Been eating the granola for a couple of days now for breakfast / dinner . I think the taste and the texture are great :slight_smile: I’ve tried both the the original and the berries.

Only suggestion I can give is to try and see if there is a way to lower the sugar amount?


I’ve been using both for 3 weeks and love them! I like the crispy bits, clusters are few and far between but enjoyable little surprise when they turn up in the bowl. I love however the dusty bits mixing them up with milk, it’s like having the last bit out of a bag of cereal in every bowl!! :joy: