Granola - game changer

Wanted to just say that I think the Huel granola is a game changer for me.

I just got the berry flavour, and while I won’t deny that it tastes ‘weird’, I actually really like it.

The ability to take one of my Huel servings in a solid form (I don’t like the bars, and they work out too expensive for me), makes it a much easier addition to my lifestyle.


Long time user here and same for me. I was always craving something solid after taking my morning Huel shake. I was also having issues with my mouth, bad breath etc. because I didn’t chew so bacteria gathered in spots (what I think at least).

Now I just grab some milk and granola for breakfast, along with some toast with spinach, cheese, ham and mustard (very limited amount). Never been so full from a breakfast before.

Thanks again Huel! Just hope you could lower the price a bit whenever there’ll be more demand for it.


Can you tell me what form the “berry” takes? Is it freeze dried like normal granola or just a flavour added into the clusters?

There are freeze dried berries, but not very many. The powder mixed in seems to have the main berry flavouring.

Don’t expect it to taste like granola though. It is it’s own unique taste, which is strange, but I like it.

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Bars are too expensive, I agree

I think the Granola has potential but I probably won’t buy any more until a new version comes out. There’s something a bit too powdery about it, plus the taste of pea protein comes through which unfortunately brings back bad memories of damn awful Pulsin pea protein powder I’ve used in the past :nauseated_face:.

Uh oh … I have a couple of boxes, yet to delve in. They’re sat next to the Pulsin pea protein that has been used just the once in a year (cos it’s minging)…:grimacing: might have to try it now…

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Thanks so much, really appreciate the great feedback! My Granola this morning was very enjoyable.

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I absolutely love the granola too, both flavours are fab, I often top mine up with blueberries

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Seconding that! It’s quite an exciting concept!

Pros: 1) it’s a refreshing change from liquid breakfast; 2) the subtle berry flavour is enjoyable as is fragrance; 3) good cronch 4) as filling as all other products

Cons: 1) the powder that coats every grain and cluster… it feels a bit slimy when made wet (especially if that happens when in your mouth!). This took just a week to get used to.

I agree. Granola is superb, just had my first bowl this morning.


Dat cronch tho.

I might get a box as I got a referral code so I’m feeling flush. Does anyone have a strong preference for one over the other, flavour-wise?