Anyone had any granola yet . Seems really salty to me

I’ve ordered it, it should be here today, I’ll let you know :wink:

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Cool keep my posted on you thoughts

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Which flavour did you try? I got mine today so I’ll be trying mine one of the two tomorrow morning. It’ll be my first time trying oat milk as well, so two new experiences in one.

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I ordered both flavours :smiley: cant wait for them to arrive!

Yeah! Mine just came a few minutes ago and I was tempted to open both and have a sneaky, one off bowl of either just to try, because they’re new… until I remembered the whole reason I’m doing the huel thing is discipline and moderation… so I’ll wait till breakfast time.


Yay! I’m going to have to sample both when they arrive, I’ll report back later :wink:

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The berry flavour. It tastes very odd not unpleasant but odd


Hahahah good boy :wink: Post your thoughts tomorrow


Mines not here til tomorrow :frowning:

I’m definitely sold! I tried the berry one, the flavour combination of the milk and berry reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream. It’s nice and crunchy and dense as well which is what I was looking for. My kitchen scales ran out of battery so I had to eyeball estimate 60g… hopefully I wasn’t too heavy handed with the granola because it was just the right amount to fill me. Definitely impressed and this’ll be replacing my breakfast shakes from now on.

I also recommend oat milk for anyone switching from cow’s milk and not sure which one to go for. Goes so well with this.

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I love it! Both of them are amazing! The 60g was alot more in a bowl than I thought it would be too. I had the berry one with almond milk :smiley: I’m very impressed with the improved flavour of the powder too! I had it this morning just with water, it didn’t need anything else with it - I usually have coconut milk and berries. Thanks Huel!


I’m following this thread as I’m interested in trying the granola but want to read what people think of it. I love Granola so really want to try this.

Most people seem to be trying the berry and have given it good responses. Anyone tried the plain yet and what’s the flavour like?

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Just tried the berry flavour, it smells lovely, but it tastes a bit bland, I found it had a bit of a weird chalky texture !
Don’t think it’s for me :slightly_frowning_face:

I ordered the Berry Granola last Friday as I am still not certain I could go 100% shakes and I miss cereal in the mornings. It has just arrived 20 minutes ago and I’ve just had a bowl full for lunch with soya milk. The texture is great, very crunchy and it’s filling. But I’m a little disappointed in the taste, for me the berry taste isn’t strong enough. It isn’t unpleasant, just a little odd. I’ll still eat the 2 boxes I ordered but I might try adding some fresh berries next time.

I’m a fan :slight_smile:

Got a box of both and just tried the berry flavour. Not as flavoursome as it could be perhaps but plenty tasty and I really enjoyed it.

60g’s was nowhere near breakfast sized for me mind, had to have 100g instead.

Oh also, terribly meta I know; but I’m going to try vanilla Huel with it in place of milk tomorrow morning.


Huel + granola is a great idea! Please keep up posted.

As a side note:
I thought Huel Granola was cheaper. I was used to 1 meal = 500kcals. They consider 1 meal = ~200 kcals.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long! I’ve not tried it, no idea why. I imagine I would make the Huel Powder a little thinner than normal to have a more milk-like consistency.


Mine’s due for delivery today. If I get it before lunch I’m going to give this a go. Great idea!

Just had vanilla Huel (v2.2) with berry granola. Very tasty! Cheers for the idea, this will be how I have it every time!