My first date with Granola 1.1

Hello everyone. Yesterday I’ve got my Huel shipment and with Huel I also got my regular 8 Granola boxes…this time with the new and improved version 1.1. I still have two boxes of 1.0 left, but I couldn’t help but try the new one immediately! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The first impact was with the eye. Oh guys! I mean, old Granola was good to eat, but a bit ugly. :stuck_out_tongue: New Granola is like the hottest girl in school in comparison! :smiley:


I don’t think it’s possible not to notice the glaring difference. New Granola seems almost like fried stuff. :drooling_face: :smiley:

But if the eye is important, the mouth is dominant in this case. So i plunged Granola in some fruit juice and tasted. I’ve noticed two improvements, one obvious, the other unexpected.

  1. It’s no longer powdery! Old Granola was good, but left the sensation of eating a powdery juice with some crunchy thing. Not that I hated it, but now is far better.
  2. I also noticed that new Granola seems less…hard to crunch. Seems lighter, a little bit softer, more cereally than before.

So, overall my first impact is very positive! I’ll see if it lasts and if it sustains me up to lunch as the old version. Congratulations for the good work @JamesCollier @RebeccaOfficialHuel @Tim_Huel and all the staff! :slight_smile:


Great that your loving it :slight_smile:


Also addicted to Huel granola here :slight_smile:

I use it for breakfast and dinner mixing 100~ gram of granola with unsweetened almonds milk(the bridge)., I actually looking forward for those meals during the day ! one granola bag last for 2 days for me.

I would have replaced my lunch with the granola as well, but I’m trying to stay under 25 gram of sugar per day as personal preference, so I can’t :frowning:

Now waiting for the U/U powder to arrive and I’ll see if I can replace my lunch with it as well. I really hope that the U/U reminds the granola somehow in taste, that would be perfect(for me).

Im waiting to end my 8 granola to try the new oness!


Thanks so much! Love this photo comparison and really pleased we’ve done good here :blush:


Nice jugs.

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barrel scraping…