New granola version?



Any plans for new granola version soon ? is it the roadmap ?

I’m on 100% granola nutrition and I’m really addicted to it, one thing I would like to see is a bit lower sugar content (if it’s even possible) and maybe more ‘flavors’ ? :slight_smile:


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100% granola nutrition? Are you sure? granola solo? Milk or what else?

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Yeah :slight_smile: of course that I use milk as well. Soy milk and Huel granola.

We launched the new Granola v1.1 about 6 weeks ago.

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So then you are not 100% Granola.

By the way, are you okay with just granola? I love it but living only with it…

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Yeah :slight_smile: I love it.

First I used it for 2 meals a day (dinner and breakfast) and everything was fine.

Then moved to all meals a day and I had a period were I suffered from bloat but it got better over time. I use one box per day , spit it to three or four (smaller) meals.

So far so good :slight_smile:

Oh :slight_smile: ok @JamesCollier , didn’t realize latest version is still new !

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How much granola and soy do you eat in each meal?

Didnt know a user that was so in with granola. I use it at breakfast and at nigght and about 65 gr

I eat one box a day, so its around 420 gram. Usually 1/4 for breakfast and dinner and the other half at lunch.

I use “The Bridge” organic soy milk, its about 500ml a day for all meals. In total , its around 1800 calories and 118 ~ gram protien (100 from huel and 18 from the milk).

So are you trying to lose weight ? 1800 is a very low amount

Yeah, a bit on the lower end - but it works really great for me. I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m just not a big person. (around 150 pounds) .

It’s a bit more than 1800 calories and my weight remains pretty stable, I also do 15- 20 mins daily workout. Besides that…regular office job (VP of customer success in SaaS company) and I’m getting older(40)…attaching picture of myself.


Seems like you could use a belt.


hahahaha yes…

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You have lost so much weight, your trousers no longer fit !!

Red braces maybe,

Rock on Tommy…

Almost felt the need to say I’m sorry for not being overweight… :slight_smile: