Any new plans for granola?

Hi :slight_smile:

Any plans to to release new version of granola any time soon ?


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Hi. You do keep on trying. What is it about the current granola you don’t like?

The sugar content :slight_smile: hopefully will be reduced when / if new version comes out.

Changes to taste can also be surprising sometimes…

Just checking every couple of months. I assume granola isn’t huel best seller…

I have it for breakfast every day. Used to get both original and berry, now it’s just berry.

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Id love a gluten free version but I’m happy to wait :grin:

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I actually make shake out of it.

Take the entire bag add half liter of soy milk, liter of water and blend everything together.

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Wow! How long does that last you? I have 60g with 100ml almond milk for my breakfast

I usually separate it to 3 different meals during the day, so it lasts the entire day :slight_smile:

So do you buy Granola rather than the powder because it costs less to ship? I know someone mentioned that once - perhaps it was you.

There are no immediate plans for a new granola. If we were to change anything, I doubt the sugar content would be reduced by much. The alternative is to increase the soluble fibre syrups and too much of them is linked to a laxative effect.

The sugar content of Huel Granola isn’t high (it’s just not 'low). If Huel Granola is part of a good diet - maybe one including other Huel products - then the total sugar intake need not be high at all

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9.3g of sugar per 100g is quite a low amount for most granolas. Why the concern over sugar content?

That and I find it more tasty than the powder :slight_smile:

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I know it’s not high :slight_smile: just wondered if it will be reduced in next versions.

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I think he is to salty :rofl: