Huel Granola future plans or dicontinuation?

I really enjoy Huel granola, having a preference for original. I would like to know if there are plans to discontinue granola. It is not advertised in the get started guide (that came with my Huel black).

I was rather hoping for granola to be expanded to a chocolate flavour.


It certainly seems likely it will be discontinued.
I wonder if they would instead consider making it gluten free and expanding the range to include chocolate as you suggested.
I’ve never tried it due to there not being a gluten free option.
I have to admit though, despite wanting to try it out of curiosity, I couldn’t see myself purchasing it as a regular product

I purchased it a couple of times, but don’t eat cereal often so probably wouldn’t again (unless just to try a fantastic new version should it be released).

I have often added the granola to my shake. It’s delicious that way.

Big mug, Huel original with coconut milk, granola and a spoon :drooling_face:

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Granola needs a lot of improvement and a 1 year shelflife

A year!? But the boxes are tiny. Four portions for a big boy like me. :grinning:


6 months is too short for me

There aren’t any commercial cereals or granolas available where they will state a shelf life of more than 6 months however, most of these type of products if kept unopened in good conditions (cool, dry and dark place) can last for another 6-8 months past their posted date. Once a packet is opened – even if it is then stored in an airtight container – should not be kept for more than 4 months.

Just to pitch in that i really like the Granola product, and consume it every morning and I think it would be a shame if they cut it.

Is it unpopular? If so is this because people think Huel granola isn’t nice versus other granola or they just don’t consume granola (or breakfast cereal) at all?

Also, a chocolate flavour sounds like a nice idea.

I used to buy the granola and I do like it, but it was my only reason to buy milk, and I felt like simplifying my grocery shopping.

(it’s ridiculously simple now. I just buy Huel and coffee)


As I’ve said before, elsewhere, I love Granola. It’s my breakfast every day of the week. Would be very sad to see it go.


Maybe it’s not that popular because most people consume a Huel shake for breakfast but granola obviously is also a breakfast product.

‘Most people’?

Hueligans… so basically the smart people :rofl:

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I am a Hueligan who likes granola for breakfast. Does that make me less smart? :thinking::crazy_face:

@Bee I think @DvdVgt meant ‘Hueligans’ when referring to ‘people’ and ‘smart people’ :laughing:

You are a Hueligan so you are smart :grin:
But it seems you are in the minority with granola for breakfast

Personally I love my Huel shakes for breakfast but this last week I’ve really been enjoying good old cornflakes with alpro coconut & almond milk :yum:
I wish Huel did a gluten free unflavoured granola - maybe sweetened just lightly with coconut nectar :blush:
I could see myself buying that fairly regularly.

I tried the granola when it first launched - Berry - and it was okay. However the price was too much and I went through the box ridiculously quickly. I won’t be missing it personally.

How much is it per box? (I’m too lazy to look!)

I’m also too lazy to look, but when I ate a lot of granola, it was actually a cheaper source of calories than Huel powder.

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Really? :thinking: