Huel Granola - Nutritionally Complete Cereal

Introducing Huel Granola

  • High protein - 14.1g per serving
  • High fibre 6.3g per serving (including soluble fibre) -
  • Vegan
  • All 26 vitamins and minerals
  • Essential fats
  • The world’s first nutritionally complete cereal

A great breakfast, or perfect for a nutritious snack any time of day with your favourite milk.

See the ingredients and nutrition information here.


This is an amazing product, thanks.

Can this be a full complete meal or is it something like the Huel Bar which complements the Huel Powder?

How many “scoops” (using the scoop we use with the Huel powder) is 1 Huel Granola meal?


@JamesCollier How does this compare to the vanilla powder? You lowered the fat and increased the protein. Also, fiber has increased and Huel already makes the gut work extra hard.

Not sure I agree that it makes everyone’s gut work overtime.

Iirc its not far off the fibre rda, esp if you’re consuming less than 2000 calories.

I’m inclined to say that it’s just as likely that we need to get used to more fibre than we had previously in our diets. Anyway that’s true for me at least.

Personally I’d be happy if James increased the fibre quantity in the powder form.

Can’t comment on this new cereal but do hope to try it soon.

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Dito, what’s the difference.

I just ordered a box of each. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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Wow! How come I only just found out about this by visiting your website? I didn’t know I had huel 2.0 bars until I tried a new one!

You guys have been innovating like crazy!

Maybe your emails go in my google mail promotions and I miss them!

Huel cookies next?! :slight_smile:


Ohhhhh cookiescwould be amazing!

Huel Granola can be a complete meal on it’s own or to compliment Huel powder

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Huel Granola is higher carbs and fibre and a little lower fat and protein per 2,000 calories. The fibre, if anything, would be easier on the gut. The higher fibre is due to us using soluble fibres to help make the product clusters; some of the fibre sources are different to Huel powder.

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I can’t find the nutritional profile of the granola. Is it available anywhere on the site?

You can click the second link in my opening post, or see it here.

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Sorry. I must have had a senior visual moment. :flushed:


I’ve been trying to add a couple of boxes to my existing subscription, but failed. Any ideas how ?

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Hi @Tubby_Graver, here’s what you need to do!

  1. Log into your account (
  2. Click “Manage Subscription Delivery” on the right hand side of the page.
  3. Click “Add Product”
  4. Select the Granola and your quantity and then click “Add Product” again.
  5. All done!

Let me know if you have any issues with this.




When I try to add a new product, I get a message in a white box stating ‘if you’d like to add a new product to your existing subscription, visit the product page you’d like to subscribe to and click on ‘add to existing subscription’’

However, I then cannot add granola to an existing subscription, only create a new subscription for granola only :thinking:

Okay, so I can see the problem here!

A few months ago we launched a new subscription platform to make managing subscriptions more user friendly. Some customers remained on the old platform to avoid any inconvenience. We’ll shortly be transferring all customers to the new platform, but that’s not happened just yet.

To make these changes and additions, you will need to delete your current subscription and create a new one with the products that you would like. Once you have a new subscription, making these changes will be much easier.

Sorry for any inconvenience!



Ok thanks I’ll make a new subscription

Olivia, that answers my predicament in another post, thanks. Can you please confirm whether we can choose a date for the subscription, or will the first payment/delivery be immediate when we press the pay button?
I want to subscribe, but don’t need a new delivery until the end of the month.

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The Huel Granola sounds great, but I’d love to actually see it to know what to expect! In the product page there’s only a pic of it in a bowl from far-ish away. Please, post a more revealing, marketing-like pic!

Check out their Twitter page, they posted a video about Huel Granola: