New Product Alert! Huel Complete Protein

As if we haven’t given you enough to get excited about recently buckle up because this one is huge!

We have just released our Complete Protein! I know, that’s wild, we’ve always said Huel isn’t a protein powder, but we’ve seen so many Hueligans having protein or adding protein to their Huel, so if you’re gonna have protein we figured it should be Huel quality.

Here is a little about it, we think you are going to be really excited about the nutrition here.

  • 26 Vitamins & Minerals - what this means is each 29g serving you’re going to get at least 15% of your vits and mins, more in some cases
  • 20g of protein - we’re using a great combination of faba bean, pea and hemp protein
  • 105 kcal - per 29g serve
  • 5gs branched-chain amino acids per serve (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)
  • 9gs essential amino acids per serve (Leucine, Lysine and Methionine)
  • Source of fibre
  • Sugar-free

It also contains phytonutrients and essential fats too. These, along with the vitamins, minerals and fibre we think make this stand out from the crowd. But here’s the kicker…

Compared to any other protein source, Huel has more essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. That’s right, more EAAs per gram of protein than any other source - including whey. But unlike many vegan protein powders, this tastes really good.

[source for chart is here]

We’ve set the ratio at 11:10:76:3; i.e only 11% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 10% from fat, a whopping 76% from protein and 4% from fibre.

We’re launching this is in 6 flavours straight off the bat, so you have so much choice!

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Salted Caramel
  • Unflavoured & Unsweetened
  • Vanilla Fudge
  • Banana Milkshake

Sure you have a few questions! Drop them below, or head to some of these pages to learn more:

Hope you’re excited!


Some great flavour options! Already got my order in. Hoping this can fill that mid-afternoon snacking slump. Excited to try this.

Well I love you too x


That looks fab, some delicious sounding flavour options and the macros look great. Can see this will be useful for a protein snack as well as adding to say a white Huel for a protein boost. 76% protein!!

Protein powders have historically tasted rank, although getting better over past couple years; if Huel’s are as delicious as they sound, that will be amazing.

Huel really could “shake up” the protein market - pun intended.


pretty good for people on hard calorie deficit diets too I would imagine

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Hey Tim - or anyone else who can help :slightly_smiling_face: is the new HUEL protein powder gluten free? I looked but couldn’t tell.
Not essential for me, but very curious.

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Heh, thought I’d check out the Huel forums, and there we go, my subscription is even more expensive! I see a lot value in this product for those of us on calorie deficit diets as I am.


Just tried the Strawberries & Cream protein powder and it tastes great! Lucky enough to be one of the first to try it and I have to admit I initially thought, when am I going to use protein powder!?..

Having read the packaging I’d never considered using protein powder as a snack before. I’m on a calorie defecit and this will be great as a snack instead of sneaking in a bag of crisps after work.

Excited by this and having yet another great Huel product to use in place of eating rubbish!


100% recyclable container… :thinking: Could we see regular powder delivered in tubs like this going forward?


I love look of the tubs too! I’d love it if they replaced the bags for these.

Protein powder has never appealed to me but this is really interesting. I like the idea of using it as a snack or even adding it into my breakfast Huel.

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Got a but confused then I got tracking information for a huel package this morning when I wasn’t expecting anything, but can’t be happier. Having the strawberries and cream flavor now.

It’s probably one of the best vegan protin powders I’ve tried. All other vegan protin powders I’ve tried taste vary powdery and this dosn’t so its off to a great start.

When it comes to the taste I originally thought it would taste like a mellowed huel Berry (which i can’t stand) but in this case its really nice and dosnt taste too artificial. Its not overly sweet and the flavor isn’t as if your face as other huel produce. So far I would definaly recommend.


Hi was wondering how this tastes compared to there normal huel powders or black addition or does it taste like a normal protein shake @Blobbymatt

Ooh! Another new product to try. Although which flavour to go for first? This would be great for post gym sessions. I’ve been working through my stash of protein powder from another brand since I’m back in the gym so clearly need to speed up and make cupboard space…

It never occurred to me until reading the comments here that protein powder could be used as a snack, though it makes sense when I consider products like Trek protein bars.

I wanted to compare the protein to the one I currently take (vegan) but I can’t find the breakdown for Huel.
This is the one I currently use.

Heres one for example

Chocolate Fudge Brownie v1.0

Per portion (29g)
Vitamin A (µg) 118
Vitamin D2 + D3 (µg) 2
Vitamin E (mg) 1.8
Vitamin K1 + K2 (µg) 12
Vitamin C (mg) 16
Thiamin (mg) 0.16
Riboflavin (mg) 0.21
Niacin (mg) 2.4
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.21
Folate (µg) 40.2
Vitamin B12 (µg) 0.37
Biotin (µg) 7.4
Pantothenic Acid (mg) 0.89
Potassium (mg) 368
Chloride (mg) 118
Calcium (mg) 121
Phosphorus (mg) 126
Magnesium (mg) 57.8
Iron (mg) 2.4
Zinc (mg) 1.6
Copper (mg) 0.15
Manganese (mg) 0.53
Selenium (µg) 8.4
Chromium (µg) 6
Molybdenum (µg) 13
Iodine (µg) 22.3

Additional Nutrition

Per portion (29g)
Essential Amino Acids (g) 9
Branched Chain Amino Acids (g) 5
Choline (mg) 53
Lycopene (mg) 0.3
Lutein (mg) 0.4
Zeaxanthin (mg) 0.1
Omega-3 (g) 0.2
Omega-6 (g) 0.3
Trans Fat (g) <0.5
Bacillus Coagulans MTCC 5856 Spores (mn) 106
Curcumin (mg) 79
Piperine (mg) 1.1

This is taken from their website. Huel Complete Protein scroll down, and click Nutritional Informaiton.

I’ve been doing the same - I currently go between two protein brands. One Whey and one Vegan. Looks like Huel is the better option for me, and when I’ve finished my other tubs (I have about 3kg left) I’ll jump onto Huel full time.

I was fortunate enough to receive two of their complimentary ones they sent out today too.

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Yes I seen this on the Huel page, but it doesn’t list the amino acids like my picture does.

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  • 9g EAAs per serve (Leucine, Lysine and Methionine)
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I dont know about the huel powders as I only have the RTD that being said its not quite as smooth as RTD.