Huel Complete Protein

Hi I’ve bought the Huel Complete Protein - Strawberries & Cream / Fudge Chocolate Brownie
Are there any ideas of what ingredients I could add to the shakes to enhance flavour / protein content?

You surely don’t need to add more protein?


I’m thinking more along the lines of things like almond milk, peanut butter, bananas etc.

Hey Kevin, nice to see you on the forum again.

Huel Complete Protein is made up of 70% protein, so like John said it’s already really high in protein and the best thing to add to get a higher protein content is more powder to suit your needs.

In terms of flavour additions you could try anything that is used in the other powders, there are loads of suggestions on the forum. Personally I’d keep the smooth texture so would try something like flavour drops or peanut butter powder.

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I have been having the Chocolate Brownie with a double espresso poured in, Perfect pre workout boost, and tastes amazing!