Huel protein shakes feedback

I’ve been using Huel since May 2020 and have managed to lose 5 stone since starting on my Huel journey, I have tried all products other than the new protein shakes, my favourite product is the Huel Black edition. I am really keen to give the protein shakes a go but just wanted to get some feedback on them from users? My shakes fill me up for a couple of hours but when I’m at work, I find myself getting hungry in the afternoon. Rather than snack on crap (which I have been guilty of lately) I wanted to get some feedback on the new protein shakes, to see if it does fill you up to fill that gap, and also what everyone’s favourite flavours are so I know what I might be best trying first?

Thanks everyone!

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Hey Callum, welcome to the forum! Great to have you here after having used Huel a good while! Black Edition is great, had my Strawberries and Cream one this morning!

There’s actually already a ton of reviews on the forum. It’s worth using the search bar up at the top and having a look around.

This thread is a good place to start.

Protein will really help with this, I do the same to have a better snack. I actually sometimes have one after dinner if I’m still peckish or a bit low on protein during the day. Perfect for a nutritious filling snack :blush:

@Tim_Huel Thanks for getting back to me, trying to work my way around the forum so apologies! Quick question re restocking of flavours in the protein powders, is there an ETA on the new stock arriving for the choc fudge brownie & strawberries and cream? They will be the first flavours I will be trying! Thanks again

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No don’t worry, easy to do :blush:

I don’t have a date for you. Well I do have one, but it’s probably not useful to let you know just because it can change. Just know the team are working hard on it and we’re so sorry for the inconvenience.

No need to apologise, thanks for letting me know I’ll keep my eye on the website!

Hi I made the vanilla and fudge protein shake tonight and added some frozen cherries. Absolutely delicious. :cherries::cherries::blush:

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