Help please guys!

Hey Huel-folk,

I’ve bought 2 bags of Huel Black (Banana and strawberry+cream) last week, but after making my first Huel shake I couldn’t help but gag at the taste of it. I finished it but couldn’t enjoy it at all.
I used water as instructed.
My 2nd shake I used milk and it wasn’t much better!

Side note, I’ve tried the ready made shakes and they taste amazing!

Any ideas how I can make the Huel Powder taste any better?

Make it night before by blending it and leave it overnight, then top up with water in the morning. Is it only the taste as i have strawberries and cream and find the taste amazing.

Hey Julian! Welcome to the forum and to the Huel community! Sorry to hear you aren’t loving Huel Black and it’s making you gag. It sounds like it’s a texture thing as opposed to a taste thing. I would try what @IainCraig has helpfully suggested (chilling allows the powder more time to kinda dissolve), and definitely also blending it. If you’re used to the silky smoothness of the RTDs then blending is going to help lots.

Try each on their own, as I appreciate blending it and leaving it overnight is less convenient. Hope this helps and keep us posted!

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You do get used to the taste. I remember when I first bought whey protein powder, I chose the unflavoured because it lower in sugar, higher in protein and cheaper, and I just expected it to taste milky. It didn’t, it was horrible and before I could get a flavoured bag delivered to mask the taste I used either vanilla essence or a shot coffee.

Thanks guys. Just finished my 5th Huel shake (only replacing breakfast then with H&S at lunch) by making it the night before with milk and adding my own fruit to enhance the flavour.

Taste and texture is alot better than with just plain water for sure and keeps me full till lunch!

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