New to Huel, help with flavours

Hello! First time posting have just received my first order.

I’m looking do advice please regarding getting used to the shakes. I ordered Black strawberry and cream and chocolate flavours.

I used chilled water but barely had any hint of a strawberry flavour. Similar experience with the chocolate, just didn’t taste like I’d expect. Are the flavours just very subtle? I have got some almond milk to try instead of water. The thickness and consistency is fine, but the flavours are not enjoyable. I’ve never used protein products before so don’t know if my expectations are too high, my only shake experiences are slimfast and Cambridge and that’s not like for like, I realise that.

Any tips for me please to help me make them more tasty? I have been a little unwell and am hoping to use Huel products to help me improve my nutrition and stop snacking, give me energy to exercise and hopefully lose a little weight.

Would the white be a better option taste wise? Or would flavor enhancers help? I can’t just replace them due to the cost so need to find a way to use them up before I try other flavours.

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t tried any of the black edition flavours yet (they are scheduled to arrive next month!) but I have found the white edition Chocolate to be very bland - not what I expected either. BUT I do LOVE the salted caramel flavour so maybe it’s just finding what you like? You can buy flavour boosters from Huel but I’ve seen other people suggesting the flavour drops from MyProtein. I hope you find the flavour you love soon!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think this might be expectations going in? I too just started with Huel (like just about a week now) and I began with the Black Edition Strawberries & Cream and Salted Caramel.

I cannot believe how delicious both of these are, and need to consciously stop myself from going over my intended plan.

I did a lot of reading and video review watching beforehand, and for whatever reason, I came into it assuming it is all going to be really yucky. Maybe it is this different expectation that makes me register things now as “it’s delicious?”

Also, I think bulk of the taste is in the smell. And Strawberries & Cream, for example, smells to me like Nesquick or something from childhood. I think this too adds to the perceived taste. If it helps in this comparison, I make it in a blender, use ice, and sometimes let it chill in the fridge for a while before drinking.

I too have never used protein shakes or any sort of meal replacement thing before, so have no comparison point.

Taste is so subjective. You will find lots of differing opinions here. Also tastes can change over time and favourites can change places further down the line.

Thanks everyone, I won’t give up and will try another couple of flavours. The chocolate one is kind of okay, I think I can make that work. The strawberry doesn’t smell like strawberry so will look for the flavour enhancers to try to make that more palatable. I think I expected more or a flavour. I’ll experiment with different milks etc too

I’ve tried Complete Protein Chocolate this morning and that is absolutely delicious! If the shakes were to taste similar I’d love them.

I have tried the complete protein in Chocolate and Salted Caramel. I found both flavours to be very enjoyable, with only the slightest back end hint of that earthy pea tang.
The mixture is very smooth, almost silky, not nearly as gritty as many other Vegan protein powders on the market.

Welcome to the forum Sally! Great to have you here, really hope we can help you feel a little better, but I know we’re going to help your nutrition too :slight_smile:

I think you’re going to start to really like the flavours, I wonder are you a little bit of a sweet tooth? The Strawberries and Cream is sweet but not super sweet. I’ve not tried Slimfast or Cambridge products but I wonder if the flavour of them was a little sweeter and perhaps soon you’ll start to really love the BE Huel you have.

You could always blend in some strawberries, or add a teaspoon of cocoa to your chocolate.

If you are a little bit of a sweet tooth, I would say the Salted Caramel is the sweetest of our Black Edition, I lovvvvve it! But let’s get you enjoying your current flavours first!

It took me half a bag of the Strawberries and Cream to really get/enjoy the taste of this one, it was worth it though as it is in my top two flavours now.

I used to drink it with water and that was ok.
Recently I’ve been mixing it with oat milk and it’s much nicer!

I’ve tried five different flavours of Huel shakes so far and, on first try, I did find that each of them had a very weak/bland taste. Second go though, I loved them all and find the flavour plenty strong enough. Think it’s just a small brain adjustment which happens.

It may help to leave the mix for a bit before drinking. That definitely thickens it up anyway.

Overcoming a strong or weird flavour was one of my worries when I first ordered Huel, so finding that it’s actually very mild and subtle is a big bonus for me.

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You can try making your Huel shake thicker, in my experience that enhances the taste. For Huel Black I usually use 350ml water / 90g powder, for Huel White I use 300ml water / 100g powder (I use a little more water if I plan to let the shake chill in the fridge for a couple of hours).
If you find out that you don’t like thicker shakes, you can always add more water :slight_smile:

I find Huel Black Vanilla and Strawberries and Cream come out really thick when shaken so tend to mix with 500ml water instead of my usual 400ml

I use black edition chocolate. I don’t like it with water, instead I make it up with 50:50 plant milk and water to make it creamier (I use alpro coconut and almond but almond, oat, anything will work) and then I add a tablespoon of cacao - this sorts the chocolate flavour out nicely. Blend it and chill it - it is then much better.

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