Flavours :)

Hiya, I’m really keen on trying Huel.

I’ve been struggling for a long time to eat a balanced diet. I feel I’ve gone off of everything so I can’t have the results I want or feel healthy without eating properly.

Huel seems to have all the goodness in it that my body needs.

From experience what are people’s opinions on flavours?

Whenever I have any shakes I always play it safe with chocolate.

I’m also not sure whether to go for the v3 or black edition?

Thank you

Hello Jade and welcome.

Your choice of going for v3 or Black depends really on what you’re looking for whether it be a complete meal choice or one with higher protein – both will serve you well.

As for taste – as you will see from reading through the many threads, taste is an incredibly subjective thing and chocolate seems to be one of the most polarising ones as its also a flavour that has many different tastes in reality. The current chocolate flavours appear to be more bitter and earthy (like a pure/organic chocolate) which isn’t sitting well with people who presumably like a sweeter milk chocolate type experience.

Personally for a new user I would recommend instead going for a vanilla base and adding your own flavours. This will give you more flexibility in trying out adding different flavours and, if you prefer chocolate, deciding whether to add something more natural like unsweetened cacao or sweetened cocoa powder.

Personally, I think Black Vanilla is better than v3 but that’s just me.

It would be better I think to start this way rather than ordering your first couple of bags of flavoured premix that may or may not put you off the whole Huel experience.

I think many people think that, not just you.

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We are now only buying the black editions as they taste so good.

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I’m a chocolate fan, it will really help if you remember it not a chocolate milkshake, its 100% nutrition and even one a day you’ll notice a difference.

I use the unflavoured/ unsweetened and add my own so I have more options. I use cacao, you can use hot chocolate powder too. I’ve just ordered huel black chocolate as it has natural sweeteners, but will keep using huel UU as well.

Using any type of milk and a blender will improve the experience. Use chillednor cold water, never warm!