What to mix with BE Vanilla?

I just don’t like the Black Edition Vanilla.
I can get it down, but when there is any other flavour on the shelf I will never reach for the vanilla, in fact the bag has only two servings taken out and I have a delivery on the way so unlikely to change anytime soon.
As a very simple and lazy man, I want to mix something with it to make it more enjoyable, BUT… not fruit, not this or that, just another Black Edition flavour that I can use 50/50. What other flavour have you mixed with vanilla to create something nice?

as vanilla flavouring is a constituent of most sweeter foods and probably appears at some level in every other flavoured Huel except UU - you could mix it with literally any of the flavours that suited your normal taste preferences. Ive mixed it before with Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Swirl, Cookies & Cream or with UU if I wanted a less sweet drink - and it works fine.

Sorry to hear that @leejonesjnr we completely get that some product and flavour ranges may not be to your taste on their own and might need a bit of customizing.

I personally like to add a scoop of salted caramel with my vanilla :heart_eyes: and find that works really well! But if you find the vanilla taste too sweet as @Phil_C said adding U&U works a treat.

Hi Lee, try adding a large teaspoon of instant coffee to your vanilla Huel, before shaking, it’s really lovely! (Assuming you like coffee of course) :blush:

Can anyone say if there is much difference between V3 vanilla and HB vanilla? I like the V3 but haven’t tried the black version yet.

I don’t remember noticing much difference. One of my favourites in both.

Well… I had the vanilla this morning, mug of Nespresso, milk, ice, blender.
It didn’t taste as coffee ish as I expected, tasted of nothing really but that was an improvement for me and will let me use up the bag I have and just won’t order it again.

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There isn’t a huge difference when it comes to taste but I would say v.3.0 has more of an oaty taste. I personally think the Black Edition is slightly more coconutty as oats aren’t an ingredient in this powder.

Black Edition also uses stevia and v.3.0 uses sucralose as a sweetener so the sweetness may taste different.

I must admit I have bought U&U Black in preference over other flavours. I have had it mixed with Oat-so-simple protein cinnamon flavour and hot water.

I usually use Mac Cheeze H&S, which I have sieved to remove the tomato pieces (I have a stoma, so I struggle with pieces). My husband adds the tomato pieces to cup-a-soups with pretty good success. Thus my use of Huel is a bit hit-or-miss. :clown_face:

I can imagine the tomato pieces in soup being lovely! :heart_eyes:

My husband really enjoys them. It also means I digest the Mac & Cheeze (having no transverse colon, I don’t get the benefit of the nutrition in anything which is normally absorbed at that point!) There is enough ‘cheeze’ powder still on the lumps to add quite a bit of flavour as well.

I originally chose Huel to help supplement essential vitamins and minerals in a balanced format since having the stoma, without adding too many calories using things like Fortisip as it is not the calories I need. I am a savoury person, not a sweet person, which is why I started with nutrition bars and Black, and was pleased when Huel introduced H&S.

I didn’t get on with the versions with whole flaxseed, but Mac&Cheeze doesn’t have whole flaxseed

oh good :hearts:

I’m definitely more of a sweet person, however the hot & savoury range is definitely my favourite of our products, especially the penne bolognese!

I’m so pleased you’ve found a product that works for you, have you tried the updated version of our mac & cheeze yet?

I haven’t yet tried the updated version. To be honest, I always dread “New Improved” version8s of Anything, as they often make the original unusable.:clown_face:

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I hope you enjoy it as we’ve made the improvements to make things better for our customers. Once you’ve received the new version in your order please let me know what you think!