Huel v3 original taste vs V2 and BE


I’ve tried Huel V3 Vanilia and don’t really like it. It is too sweet for me and the vanilia taste is really low.

I used to be a Huel V2 Original customer and i really enjoyed the taste of that one.

3 questions:

  1. is there a V3 Original planned?
  2. how does the black edition taste versus the original and vanilia?
  3. How does huel powder taste in the US?


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I’ve just tried the V3 vanilla too. I’ve only had U&U before which I enjoyed but I thought I’d branch out (I haven’t tried V.2.3 Original or Vanilla).

For me V3 vanilla is fairly unpleasant - I don’t really get any vanilla, its more just of a sweetener taste and aftertaste. I’m going to try it with the flavour boosts to see if I can mask that, but think the extra sweetener in the boosts might not help.

I think I might try mixing half and half with U&U but I don’t think its necessarily the sweetness thats the issue, its more the sweetener taste/aftertaste (I’ve never been a fan of sweetener in coffee/tea etc so I might just be more averse to the flavour). The black edition might be better as its got the coconut sugar in instead which I’d imagine would taste nicer.

EDIT: Can confirm vanilla definitely tastes much better refrigerated - brings out the vanilla a bit more and masks the sweetener a lot. Still think ideally I’d like half to 3/4 of the current sweetener plus a little more of the vanilla extract - I might experiment with just U&U and a vanilla extract and a tiny bit of coconut sugar or xylitol to find the right balance for me.

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leaving the shakes to stand after being mixed in the refrigerator definitely mellows out the flavour - especially with the flavour boosters and makes them have a less synthetic taste.

Thanks but i don’t like it cold

im sure it would be ok to be left to stand at room temp also although clearly not as long as you could leave it in a refrigerator.

Yep leaving it at room temperature does work.

I also don’t like mine cold and have had no issues letting it sit for up to 5hrs at room temperate. At about 8hrs it can sometimes start to sour a little but it’s just noticeable and I’ve never been ill from it.

If you’re doing it to mellow the flavour or improve texture I find it only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to do this at room temp.

ok thanks and what about Black edition taste?

I’ve only tried Black Vanilla - I like it - I find it to be very close alternative to 2.3 Original but just a little sweeter - not much but noticeable. the vanilla taste is quite pleasant especially after standing and easily palatable to drink on its own with no other flavourings.

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I tried V3 for the first time yesterday, vanilla as I’ve always had with previous versions. Taste wise I love it though I think I need a bit of experimenting to get a decent water powder ratio for it. The only thing I’d say, which a lot of other people have also said is that it seems to clump a lot more than older versions.

I just tried the salted caramel flavour boost in it, and damn, that is delicious!!!

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