Is Huel suddenly smoother?

I had my regular order of normal vanilla Huel arrive a couple of days ago and I’m pretty sure I’m making in the same way I’ve made it for 2 years or so, but it’s coming out thinner and smoother. I don’t think it’s officially changed since v3 was introduced a year ago, but I’m definitely not imagining it. It’s possible that I’ve shaken it slightly more thoroughly, but not drastically so. I like it a bit thicker, so it’s kinda annoying. (Not as annoying as when Huel took all the flavour packs I loved and ruined them with their ‘new and improved’ tastes - but don’t get me started!)

I’m genuinely a bit baffled and just wondered if anyone else had noticed this…

To thicken it up I suggest leaving it in the fridge for a few hours.

I use the Black Edition and I leave my breakfast Huel in the fridge overnight. I then make my lunch just before I have breakfast.

Obviously I don’t know for sure if this will work with your stuff but a couple of hours in the fridge definitely thickens up the Black Edition!

Hi - yeah, I do all this already. In fact it goes in the freezer for an hour then in the fridge for a couple. As I say- not doing anything differently, it just seems thinner with this latest batch :thinking:

Hi. Yes I have found V3 ‘thinner’ from the start. I too prefer my shakes thicker and chilling it in the fridge doesn’t seem to help a great deal. I use 400ml water to 76g powder.
Been using Huel Black lately and find that better, though a tad more expensive.

Each batch can be a bit different due to variability in base ingredients. Taste, smell & texture vary, and so do the nutritional values.

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I use 90mg of huel black and 250 ml of water. Using a blender to mix it rather than a shaker.

Really like your idea of the freezer for an hour first, historically I have always done that with vodka lol but it never occurred to me to do it with Huel! Thanks!

That’s interesting, I’m not entirely sure why that might be. Just to confirm, you haven’t been holding on to a stash of v2.3 and have just switched over to v3.0 have you? Just double checking, but doesn’t sound like you are. All obviously stuff like you’re making it with the same ratios etc?

That’ll give you a very thin Huel.

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Ah you spotted my deliberate mistake. Ahem. Grams not Mg!


Hi Tim,

No, definitely not been holding onto any v2.3 - been on the same v3 for the last year. I put 3 scoops (of the old scooper) into 550ml of water, stick it in the freezer for an hour, then the fridge for a couple of hours. Until the last batch that gave me the same relatively thick mix every time. This batch though just comes out much thinner/smoother. Any thoughts?

Alright, I feel like I’m officially going mad - how come no-one else on this forum is mentioning that Huel has suddenly got much smoother?!!

This is not the difference between v2.3 and v.3, the change for which happened over a year ago (and which was step one on this path to runny Huel), this is the difference between the v3 I was getting delivered until November, and everything since.

I always found that 120g into enough water to add up to a 550ml shake was perfect for the slightly thick consistency I wanted (after freezing for an hour and then refrigerating for another couple of hours), but now what I get out of that is almost as runny as full fat milk.

I even used to sort of chew it before it went down the hatch - no need for that anymore.

@Tim_Huel Can you please advise? Something must have happened with the formulation over the last few months…