V3 clumping

I’ve had my third batch of V3.0 powders and I’m getting real clumping issues with all the flavours I use (Vanilla, Berry, Chocolate and Banana). I didn’t have this with previous iterations and have had Huel for breakfast and many lunches for about 2 years.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s not the end of the world but I’ve gone from a smooth pleasant drink to a lumpy and less enjoyable experience - this is with a shaker, in a blender it’s still fine.


Tried that, helped a bit, but not much. Also wasn’t needed pre V3.0


Yes, I found that with V3.0 so have stuck with V2.3 for as long as stocks have lasted.

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i learned how to mix properly.

all the water in first.

powder resting on top.

then shake for how long you can do it in.

This doesn’t prevent clumps for me and nor does the metal spiral thingy. The only thing that works is leaving it in the fridge for a few hours (or overnight).

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Yup, I’ve had powder first and that’s not so much clumping as a block of undissolved Huel with some water on top…

Might give it a try in the fridge though. I used to make mine up the night before and give it another shake before drinking.

I only have this issue with banana flavored version 3.0. That one doesn’t dissolve no matter how hard i shake and how much or little water i use. I rarely have this problem with vanilla or chocolate flavored 3.0. But with version 2 it was never an issue for any flavor i tried, which included banana. It’s ironic because a smoother consistency was one of the claimed improvements in 3. Leaving it in the fridge for even just 15 minutes does help, but i prefer a clump-free fresh made huel to one that has settled down. It seems to get smoother but also a bit slimier when left standing, and i prefer it grainy, not so smooth. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use a ninja blender and it takes about 3-5 seconds to mix. I did use a hand blender as an experiment and it worked fine, I’ve never had much luck with powders in the past (even the supposedly impossible to screw up myoplex!) so I guess that could be an option for you to continue enjoying your huel?


It is much smoother from a blender, but somehow wrong? If that makes any sense.

Mmmm well everyone’s tastes are different! I still can feel the grainyness (yes I just invented that word) after the blend but if you like it more so then maybe one of those automagic stirrer thingies? There was a post about them somewhere…

ive got used to some clumps now… its not too problemful.

Yes of course using a blender gives a smoother result (I blend my Huel sometimes) but the whole point of Huel being an easy meal to prepare is to use the provided shaker. Hence the endeavours to make Huel powder less likely to lump when shaken.

No, you just spelled it wrongly, it’s ‘graininess’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not had the problem but like @Huella_Deville I only drink my Huel after it has been in the fridge…and I give it a final quick shake just before drinking. I use standard Huel shaker with no ball.

Heh! Granularity? :joy:

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Easier and quicker with a nutri ninja than a shaker though.


I use both methods but wouldn’t say blending was any quicker, just gives a smoother result.

Depends what blender you use I guess. With my nutri ninja I put liquid and powder in the cup the same as a shaker. Screw the lid (containing the blade) on to the cup the same as the shaker. Attach to the blender and press a button and 3 seconds later I take off the lid and drink from the cup. With a shaker I need to shake for longer.
Washing up takes the same time if not a little quicker as my blender has the cup and the lid and the shaker has the cup, a lid and shaker ball/ mesh thing.
Like I said depends on the blender but with mine it is just quicker and gives a better end result for me.

I prefer to drink from a glass, bought a load of 650ml ones from amazon, I use about 550ml of water per drink. And yup, the ninja takes just seconds to clean. I also bought extra cups so I can rotate them while the previous ones are drying.

Yes I am a nerd about this lol.

Weird, the clumps I have had with 3.0 UU are almost non existent or very small