Huel clumps

I am curious if I am doing something wrong or this is just huel. When I mix huel with water or milk, it clumps badly. No matter how much I shake. And even when I put huel in the mixer I have clumps. The taste is good, but the clumps are a reason for me to stop with huel. Does somebody have a good tip or solution?

When you say clumps, how big are you talking? I don’t usually get a perfectly smooth shake from using the shaker but i wouldn’t say it was clumping, the only time i had something like that was when i forgot to put the mesh mixer thing in. Are you mixing it with 400ml of water and then topping up after adding the powder and giving it a shake or putting all the water in at once?

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Thanks for your reply! I put everything together: fruit, water and huel, in the mixer or shaker. Maybe that is wrong?

Yeah you need to have the space for it to move around and mix properly.

So you suggest to first mix the huel and water and then add extra things like fruit?

To mix the powder I usually put in 400ml of water, 2 or 3 scoops depending how hungry I am, give it a shake, top it up to 700ml and then shake it again. It said to do it like that in the little booklet i got with my first order. I don’t bother with fruit since it’s supposed to be nutritionally complete and I’m not bothered by the taste. I’m not sure how fruit would work without a blender unless its about having lumps in like bubble tea.

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I get this - I use a hand whisk or blender. I get lumps otherwise. It’s the nature of the Huel powder - it does clump when exposed to liquid. My weedy arms aren’t up to the amount of shaking it would need otherwise!

Try adding water then Huel and then more water then fruit, leave a quarter empty and then shake and then fill to the top with water.


Are you using New Vanilla or Original? For me, new vanilla clumps significantly more than original. In fact, I rarely get clumps in original.

I can recommend a nutri-bullet, I have never had lumps, but I already owned one and they are pretty pricey, the mesh thing according to the video is an ice guard


  • Make sure you are adding water first. This is essential.
  • Make sure you don’t add all the water initially. Like @DaveFrom1981 says, this allows room for mixing in the top of the shaker.
  • Shake hard for around 10 seconds each time (20 seconds total). I never get lumps, but I don’t “shake it like a polaroid picture”, I shake it like I’m a bartender!
  • Use the mesh, this will strain any lumps you might have so you don’t consume them.

If you are blending you should not get lumps.

Since more space in the shaker isn’t an option for me I always run it in My blender. If you have to shake it you can use either ice cubes or whisky stones if you’re on the fly.

But you’ll only get good results from blending/mixing it. Almost like ice cream if it’s cold enough :slight_smile:

@Tim_Huel that link sorted me out. Made me sweaty and killed my arm but no clumps :joy:

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Um, wrong forum?

Ah, ok. I hope.

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