First Huel

Like everyone, started my Huel journey today, after months of hovering over the BUY NOW button at the Checkout, I took the plunge at the weekend

I ordered Coffee Huel, and New Vanilla.

Made a Coffee Huel this morning to bring to work, and I can tell that its going to take me a bit of practice with the shaking as its a little grainy and lumpy, I’ll stick it in the blender tomorrow instead :slight_smile:

Went for the coffee one first as its a lunchtime replacement, and the last coffee of the day for me so a TWO-FOR-ONE, taste was, probably take a little while to get used to

Blending wise, I definitely need more practice (Hello NUTRIBULLET)

Going to use it for a couple of weeks for 1 meal per day, then increase to 2, like a lot of people here, my motivation is simply health and wellbeing, as opposed to Weight Loss

roll on the volcanic windy trumps!!


Hey there, thanks for the message! A very hearty welcome to the Forum. You’ll find a ton of useful information here!

Regarding your comments on lumping, sorry to hear that, I have written a reply here that should help you out.

All the best and keep us posted.

Hi guys, I have also just had my first Huel experience and need some advice please. Unfortunately it was a disappointing experience and i am very wary to try again. I used 2 scoops with about 700ml of water. The mixing was easy and the taste was fine.
As soon as I had finished drinking it felt heavy in my belly. Then after 5 minutes it felt like a brick in mybstomach and it took 3-4 hours before I started feeling normal. In the mean time it drained my energy and I had some heart burn and lots of burps.

I suffer from IBS and find it hard to gain weight and digest heavy foods. I bought Huel to help supplement my diet.

Please can you give me some advice, I’m willing to try once more and I’d really like it to work

I think giving it two attempts is a bit weak. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Some people like it highly diluted with a tonne of water. I initially tried this and ended up gagging when I started two years ago.

I’ve now settled on 3 scoops with 450ml, 4 scoops with 550ml or 5 scoops with 650ml.

Tastes and experiences vary between people. Experiment with different consistencies until you find one you like, you may as well as you bought the stuff.

I’d guess your stomach just reacted with “wtf is this?” and sapped extra energy to digest it, hence the lethargy.

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Lots of things to vary-

Water to powder ratio
Water temperature - room, tap, fridge or hot even
Shake or blend for smoothness
Drink straight away or leave for a few hours / overnight - usually in fridge
Add different favouring - sweet - artificial or not, savoury, coffee,…
Mix vanilla with u/u - different ratios
Size of meal - 1, 2, 3 scoops etc

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Obviously sorry to hear that. 2 scoops to 700ml of water is very, very watery. We recommend 3 scoops to 570ml (190ml per scoop), whereas you’re using 350ml per scoop, I think that’s around 80% more water than we recommend. So reign in the dilution, with scoops I would recommend a total of 380ml. Try that and feed back to us.

Thanks Tim, that has definitely made a difference and i digested 2 scoops fine. Hopefully i can integrate Huel into my diet and try to gain some weight.



I have 2 level scoops to 700 ml and it suits me just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

100 ml of Almond milk in the mix thickens it up, but it’s not necessary.

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