First few days - getting over the lump

Well this is my third day and actually getting on really well with it.

The only bit that makes me not look forward to it is the lumpiness. I have seen the videos and followed the advice, varied water - shaking between scoops etc. shaking tons and inverting and shaking more… putting it in the frigde… used filter water…

I have had a couple of smooth drinks from shaking and had some awfully big lumps in others. Obviously blending is an option and works but not everytime is it possible - eg… at work etc. . I can get over a few small lumps but when it is all the way through the drink it really is difficult to stomach.

I hope I find away to use the shaker and erradicate the lumps soon :frowning:

Have you tried using a mixer ball? They are very cheap on eBay.

Ok will get on and try that.

Just had an evening meal and it tasted so good… not sure I could ever go 100%… but that’s the beauty you get to choose…


I don’t know what your eating schedule or routine is like but I’ve found it most convenient to mix Huel with an immersion blender. Obviously it is not convenient if you intend to mix each serving just before you eat it. However, I usual mix up my Huel for the next day the night before and keep it refrigerated except in transit.

I actually prefer the texture after it has had at least a few hours to sit. It is thicker and smoother.

Buy yourself a small blender.

That kind of thing works perfectly. It’s not the most powerful blender so if you’re adding in fruit then it won’t get it perfectly smooth like you would get with something like a nutribullet but for huel by itself it comes out perfect smooth and even with additions it won’t leave huge lumps, just some tiny lumps of whatever you added.

The blade also screws directly to the drinks bottles so there’s no having to blend it in one container then empty it into whichever bottle you want to drink from, which means less time wasted and less cleaning up required.

The one complaint I’ve got is that the bottles are a little bit on the small side. They’re fine if you’re adding 3 scoops but any more and there isn’t quite enough water so it comes out a bit too thick, same if you’re adding some fruit to the mix. However after a couple of sips if you top the bottle up with water and give it another quick shake it gets it back to being thin enough to drink easily.

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Looks good. A blender ball is a lot cheaper, though.

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I agree, I’ve been using this fron the start. It just hammers those lumps out.

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Yep I got the Breville and actually makes me enjoy drinking the Huel mix now.

Update is i lost half a stone in less than a week and then went on holiday and was a lot better than i normally am with eating… but was bad - so put it all back on again… this week have been back on two meal replacements… but away in Ireland this weekend so gonna fall off the wagon again!..

I have been using Huel for quite a few months now, and I always used to blend it to remove the lumps, as I assumed lumps were disgusting. The first time I had to make it in a shaker I was actually surprised at how nice it was without blending and I actually quite like the small lumps; they don’t taste powdery or anything despite dissolving on the tongue. Now I probably blend only about 50% of the time. The 2 versions are quite different. I have also moved away from using 100% vanilla to a 50/50 split and the taste while nice enough before is more to my liking, and I find the shaken 50/50 mix refrigerated overnight is my favourite way at the moment.

Although this adds calories, one thing I do as a treat is blend a Nakd bar with 300ml oat milk, and 600ml water with 100g u/u and 100g vanilla. This really is delicious…but wouldn’t work in a shaker. This makes 2 meals.

I’ve come round to liking it made in a shaker with a mixer ball. This tends to get rid of all the large lumps but leaves some tiny lumps which I actually rather like.

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Hello here buddy,

You know I just had the smoothest shake yet, and without a blender.

250ml water
250ml skimmed milk
3 scoops
2 LARGE Ice cubes

Give it a nice shake, and it seems the cubes really hammer out those lumps. I’m definitely going to give it a try again like that.

Just started as well, I’ve got a Breville and that works well, but on days when I wanna use just the shaker I was thinking of just using a small sieve to refine the powder. That should remove a lot of the lumps and make the shake smoother!

Super cheap as well —

Trust me, it’s a pain and messy - easier to use a mixer ball (cheaper) and give your arms a super workout during the shake :slight_smile:


Found the Breville mixer a revelation… thanks for advice… Really enjoying shakes… though a couple of holidays making me fall off the wagon…

Though work week doing 2/3 shakes a day to replace Breakfast and Lunch…

Best combination so far - Vanilla Shake while eating a pot of fruit separately… so good

Just to add - been on this for a month now… and have 2 shakes a day plus a meal of whatever I am given. I am actually enjoying the shakes a lot more than I thought I would.

Pre-Huel I was a terrible eater and still not great. Way too many Macdonalds and Greggs. Crisps at home were also a downfall. Huel was to try and keep temptation away and what is weird it actually does. For my evening meal I do get excited to have some real food. But I don’t crave the worst parts of my diet at all. I have a feeling that if I keep going with this that I will start eating foods that are slightly blander (eg. not processed tastes) and more healthy for me.

With regards to “getting over the lump” the breville is wondrous. So easy to clean and use that I have not needed to shake at all and fits in my routine really well.

So my goals were to cut down eating the crap and put something more nutritious in side me - achieving that really well.

And other goal was to lose weight. I am probably obese in the medical term but not chronically. Could afford to lose 2.5 stone I think. Well if that is the goal I have 2 stone to go - which I feel isn’t bad for a month and also achieved by Huel helping me cut out junk. With some extra exercise I reckon would be even easier. but one step at a time…

Thanks Huel… just hope you are as good for me as advertised. But sure you are better than a Greggs Sausage Bean and Cheese pasty…

Well 2mths or so on I am still going … when I say still going I feel changed to huel for life. I am not doing 100% but Breakfast Lunch is pure Huel and Fruit with an Evening meal. I don’t count calories as such but since being on this I have now lost over a stone - this will be because calorie intake has shot right down. I am losing a pound a week - which feels sustainable.

Since being on Huel i have not eaten crisps or chocolate - and not felt need to either. I eat so much less now and yes I feel hungry sometimes but I don’t feel the need to go and get the easy option of processed food.

I have not even had a bacon sandwich or cooked breakfast since - and I loved them. Not sure how Huel has taken that need away but I assume it is I had a will to change my diet and used Huel as the catalyst.

Thank you Huel…