Mixing problem

Just started using Huel as I’ve recently started a fitness regime and realised that I wasn’t getting enough calories during the day. I like it, it tastes great and it does not fill me up too much so I can have it a couple of hours before I go to the gym and feel I have the energy for the workout. I have one problem, I have followed the mixing instructions but I can’t get it mixed without lots of lumps in it. I have tried one scoop at a time and stirring it first but no joy. Any suggestions?

Water first, then powder, shake like you’re insane for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is actually quite a long time when you’re shaking like you’re insane.

A blender… either a goblet type or a stick type. Even a goblet blender only takes a minute under the tap to clean, and a stick blender costs less than a bag of Huel.

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Yes, I have realised that you probably burn off half the calories you get from actually drinking the stuff by just shaking it.

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Sorry you’re not finding it so easy to blend Huel. Perhaps we should all upload videos of us shaking our Huel to see how vigorous we are all actually mixing Huel!

With the lumps you get, is it just a few left at the end? I use the strainer so that in the instance I haven’t shaken enough I don’t consume them. If you’re a breakfast Hueler then leaving in the fridge overnight solves this too, no idea why though!

Blending is certainly most effective solution but is a little bit time consuming, so let’s try a few of these hacks first before you start buying blenders!

I actually like the little lumps…not sure what you mean by strainer Tim?

I don’t even shake my Huel particularly vigorously but I do chill it overnight.

When I first started using Huel I used a vitamix but one day I didn’t have it and shook it, and never went back. The Huel is a finer blend now anyway than it was back then.

When Huel sends a free shaker bottle they include a little plastic mesh disc that can be placed inside the shaker near the rim of the cup, its good for blocking ice cubes and lumps if either of those regularly feature in your Huel


Also, in reply to the OP, how much are you making at once? It’s a lot easier to break up lumps if the shaker is only half full. I’m a two-scooper when it comes to Huel but even if you’re making a three-scoop shake you shouldn’t put all of the water in right away. Start with about 300-400ml, make yourself a cement-thick, lump-free shake with three scoops, and then add the rest of the water (to taste)

Oh that…forgot about it…I never actually used the Huel branded shaker…cos I use steel ones.

Hi @Dolly14day — have you tried making your Huel the night before and leaving it in the fridge overnight? I actually kindof like the texture that comes from having some small lumps, though I’ve rarely found big lumps to be an issue when I use the Huel shaker with a couple of bits of ice and shake hard for 30-40s. However, on a few occasions recently I’ve made the next day’s Huel the night before: after a night in the fridge I’ve found it to be much smoother than it is just after mixing.

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That’s what I do…I much prefer it that way.