Suggestion, throw in a shaker whisk

ive only just started out with huel, have found the taste to be fine but it never seemed to mix up too well in the shaker even with a full minute of vigorous work. for a couple of quid you can pick up these wire balls that you drop into your shaker and it acts as a whisk, they have made a huge difference and made my drinks much smoother with just 10 seconds of shaking it up. you folks might want to think of adding them to the accessories page or put one into peoples first order instead of extra scoops and such? just a thought.


Thanks for the suggestion, there are a few that have suggested this so thanks for adding it. I’ll raise it again. Be sure that you’re following our steps for a smoother Huel. We think that this method below prevents the clumping:

  • Add 400ml cold water first, then:
  • Add 3 level scoops of Huel
  • Blend or shake vigorously for 10 seconds
  • Then top up with approx. 170ml of cold water
  • Reshake

This double shaking method is essential! Hope it helps!

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I use those shaker balls too!!! Saves SO much time, and they’re dishwasher proof!

aye theyr grand, made all the difference to my vanilla bag. the berry seems to mix better, but the ball still makes a difference to that too. i had been doing the double mix thing, 400ml, a full minute of shaking like a madman, then topping up and shaking again. berry was ok, vanilla was quite clumpy and hard to drink. but with a ball thrown into each one they come out smooth and frothy. and its so much quicker than setting up and cleaning a blender every day.

I have to say that replacing the ice retainer into the top of the shaker works fine for me getting rid of any lumps

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Agree with Geordie67 that the ice retainer really helps, I used to blend everytime due to lumps but got fed up of doing that when not adding extra fruit to the mix. Now I tend to do;

  • 300ml water
  • 115g huel (3 scoops ish)
  • Shake 10-15 seconds
  • Top with water (around 150ml)
  • Shake again,
  • (optional) Refrigerate overnight
  • Add ice, one last quick shake and drink/eat!

Works a treat for me!

I use a shaker whisk that I ‘borrowed’ from one of my son’s protein shake bottles. I find that it really does improve the way Huel mixes although I mix it as I need it rather than leaving it in the fridge and I don’t always have access to ice.

I’ve always used a shaker ball, whether it be with Huel, a competitor or a protein shake. I wouldn’t be without one, which is why I have around 6 of the beauties.

Just don’t get 2 intertwined!