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Long-time lurker, first-time Hueler as of today - currently sipping my first ever (new Vanilla flavour) and looking towards the future as I try to stick to one Huel per day (lunch) whilst I’m at work.

A couple of questions…

  1. I don’t have access to a fridge at work, and there isn’t really anywhere decent to stick a freezer pack, if I was to make my Huel in the morning would it last until Lunch (4.5 hours) without being refrigerated?

  2. Do ‘Blender Bottles’ work? I’m reluctant to purchase a blender, but I’ve seen decent things on the Blender Bottles you can buy (with the weird wire ball inside) - do these adequately remove the lumps? They are currently the worst thing about it by far.

  3. Any flavour combo recommendations? I’m sipping the new Vanilla flavour and it isn’t so bad, but it’s very ‘flat’. I have a pack of the flavour enhancer samples which I do need to try, but I wondered if anyone had any favourite mixes which don’t require a blender etc. (i.e. no fruit…!)?

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes (apparently)
  3. Yes (search the forum)

Incredibly informative, thanks!

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Haha sorry, what I meant to say was welcome to the forum and good luck with Huel. I’ve not used those blenders and usually just drink vanilla, occasionally add the Huel flavour boosters. I’m sure others will be more helpful on those subjects

I like your avatar Kaje.

I don’t have any issues with just using the Huel shaker and shaking for 30 seconds maximum, no lumps. Do you have a fridge at home? You could make it up night before, store in fridge at home and then take to work next day to improve taste/texture.

I like most of the flavour boosts apart from strawberry, but you can search the forum for other flavour ideas as mentioned above.

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No worries dude! Thanks for the extra info, and for the welcome!

Thanks - it is pretty rad :smiley:

I do indeed have a fridge at home - would doing that and then keeping it out of the fridge for 4.5 hours the day after be okay? I suppose I could always throw a few ice cubes in before I leave for work?

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I think it would be OK providing not kept in a hot room. I prefer drinking it cold. Sticking a few ice cubes in before hand would be good.

You could always make it up at work if you don’t mind drinking it freshly made, and using cold water out of the tap (assuming there is one).

Hi Kaje. Welcome :grin: As taste is so subjective it is difficult to recommend flavours. As @Ryan says, using the search function and doing a bit of reading may (or may not) help you with this.

I use after refrigerating overnight and its ice cold all the way up to tea time if necessary!


Huel do a stainless steel bottle too.

I regularly drink mine after it’s been in my handbag for about 5 hours. It’s totally fine. I did order a metal shaker that I’m assuming will keep it cold for a bit longer than the plastic see-through one.

Blender balls do work (I’m pretty sure you can even buy them separately), but I have to say mine isn’t lumpy at all when I shake it for 20 seconds or so… Maybe you’re filling the shaker up too much?

I don’t get many lumps in mine when I shake. In fridge for a few hours or overnight will make it smoother. I bought a couple of blender balls but hardly use them now.

I find the mint-choc premixed powder very pleasant freshly made ie it doesn’t need refrigerating like the others. You could mix it at work if you have access to fresh chilled water to mix it up there.
Always put water in first (max 400ml), shake like crazy (I find the Huel shaker actually better than the ones with the balls), then top up with more water if needed and shake again.

Favourite easy flavour suggestions for adding to vanilla:
Cocoa or cacao powder
Instant coffee powder (Nescafé espresso / gold blend or Millicano work best)
Peanut butter powder (with or without chocolate)

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I’ve been drinking Huel for just over a week and i’m obsessed :smile:
I originally bought berry and new vanilla, then bought coffee, original vanilla (and flavour samples) and choc mint a few days later!
i make it up at work (as our fridge is disgusting!), 400ml water, 100g Huel, shake for 30sec and its mostly lump free :smile:

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@Kaje Welcome!! To avoid lumps, you should try to make some attempts and understand the consistency and then think about the taste.
My experience, I prefer Huel shaken and drank at the moment and I avoid to store it in the fridge. See that even using milk or coffee is definitely different than water but you can certainly try. I love Huel for his flexibility.
Have fun and update us!

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