Getting started

I’ve just made my first purchase and am looking forward to trying it. I wanted to know if Huel can be blended and stored in the fridge overnight, before taking it to work the next day - anyone tried it?

Yes that’s the best way in my opinion. Blend in the evening, pop in fridge, job done


Great, that makes things a lot easier :slight_smile:

I’ve also found it can be frozen and then it doesn’t need refrigerating at work but is still nice and cold at lunchtime :slight_smile:

Magic - This just keeps getting better and better, thanks !

Yes Huel can be left. We recommend consuming it within 24 hours once blended. However, that said, I made up some on Friday night as a late second lunch but didn’t eat it until Sunday. It had been blended at about 5pm Friday and was refrigerated until about 11 on Sunday, so almost 2 full days. No problem at all, tasted amazing. Just needed a little extra water and a big shake.

Older versions I’d find lasted well, recently even if kept refrigerated I have found anything after a day and they taste very bitter, almost vinegary

Really? Vinegary? I left v2.1 in fridge for two days and it was as smooth and creamy as always, if not better!

Yeah definitely a difference, now I have to have it the same day. If it’s been refrigerated all day the second morning it’s OK, but wouldnthe then have that one for lunch.