Shaking/Blending/Overnight Soaking it really makes a difference


My husband and I @Finn have been using Huel for over a year now. I use vanilla and he has unflavoured with flavour boosts. Both of us have found that blending a day’s supply the night before, leaving it in the fridge overnight, creates a smoother drink with a mellow flavour. If you have tried Huel and don’t like it please try this way before you give up as it is very different.


I’ve never tried it blended properly, only shaken (I can’t be bothered with washing the blender!), but the first time I tried Huel I didn’t really like it, as I just made it and drank straight away. Refrigerating overnight changed everything! Definitely approve of this!


I just use a cheap hand held stick blender to blend inside the shaker, takes about 10 seconds to rinse clean under running water after and definitely makes a difference :slight_smile:


Blended with some ice is definitely my favourite way to drink my Huel! I usually have it shaken at work but if I’m at home, for breakfast for example, then blended is definitely the way to go.


What do you blend it in? Doesn’t it just go everywhere?


I blend it in the Huel shaker. It doesn’t go everywhere; I keep the stick blender on a medium setting and below the liquid level if on (I periodically lift it above the liquid level and ‘re-plunge’ to get any bits of reticent powder, but I take my finger off the button to do this :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m only using 400ml liquid and 2 scoops, so it only goes up to the 500ml line. That said, when I do make a scooper I simply blend with 400ml of liquid then top up with more liquid and shake after :slight_smile:


I agree that using a proper blender then leaving it in the fridge for several hours or overnight gives excellent results.

However, don’t forget it. I left some in the fridge for two days and it turned into concrete.


I love leaving it overnight in the fridge, I’ve done this on and off since day one, I used to do it with “overnight oats” prior, so figured the same would work for huel due to the oat content, turns out I was right!

I kinda like making it overnight with minimal water turns to concrete but amazing to eat, especially with cocoa and cinnamon added. Guilty pleasure much haha :slight_smile:


Ive been having fuel for 2 weeks now. first week i was just replacing one or two meals and this week (for this week only) ive been replacing all meals. I left it in the fridge for the first time over night last night and am very dissapointed this morning… the taste of it has almost completley gone! I will definitly be sticking to 500ml water out the tap… 3 scoops… a quick shake… leaving lots of lumps and drink it like that still! haha… i love the taste of it. It feels like it doesnt have the same effect when left so long in the fridge!


I’ve been leaving mine in the fridge overnight too! After blending two servings in a Nutri-bullet (so much easier as I can keep it in the cups and cover with the lids, no extra washing up) the night before and I wake up to a more mellow and thicker shake. I’ve found it more filling this way.


I will have to try this. I tried my first vanilla huel this evening and could barely make myself swallow but managed as it was quicker to swallow and get the taste off my tongue than try spit it out somewhere!
I then mixed chocolate flavour pouch in which was a marginal improvement but I still only managed 200mls before I just couldn’t face another mouthful. Holding my breath helped- it’s the super sickly sweetness of it I can’t stand, but I have put the rest in the fridge to retry tomorrow morning… fingers crossed it’s more bearable as I’ve gotten so excited about trying it and really want to be able to stick to it!


that’s hilarious!..


assuming you have two bags, huel will swap unopened bags- a bit of the unflavoured version with the vanilla makes the sweetness completely adjustable- it’s the best way! I also find vanilla alone too sweet.
Failing that, making the flavour more complex by adding cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg etc may make the sweetness more palatable.


I also love Huel when it’s been left overnight in the fridge. It thickens it and Huel chilled is very nice compared to lukewarm water. My regular morning Huel is 100g Huel with 400ml water, left in the fridge overnight and mixed with a teaspoon of good quality coffee.