Overnight Refrigeration?

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry to retread old ground, since I’m sure others will have asked this previously, but I’m a total Huel-noob and could use some advice!

I’m starting Huel tomorrow, and plan to have one shake for breakfast and another for lunch. I’m sticking to traditional solid food for my evening meal. I wanted to know if you guys recommend preparing the shakes tonight, i.e. the night before, and leaving them in the fridge until morning?

A cursory look through the forum reveals conflicting opinions. Some of you seem to swear by it, but one post suggests that leaving it to gestate overnight causes it to develop a grassy, bitter taste. I was hoping to solve the question once and for all in this thread!

Finally, I bought two “original” vanilla pouches, and two new and improved vanilla pouches; since I wasn’t sure which I’d prefer. Apparently, the former tastes more oaty; but the latter is significantly sweeter. I was wondering if there was any truth to the rumour that the “original” flavour has developed a strange metallic or chemical taste while in storage? I’m worried that I may make myself sick tomorrow, if I use it!



I’ve only used new vanilla or a mix of new vanilla & u/u 50-50, I always leave it in the fridge for at least 3hrs before I drink but preferably overnight… I think the official line is to drink it within 24 hrs once prepared, but I’ve drunk a huel around 12 today for brunch that I made up late on Friday night & it didn’t taste any different to the other half of the same batch which I drank yesterday… But I did add my own fruit & cocoa to it, which may have covered any slight changes in flavour of the huel itself?

Not a very precise answer but this has been my experience so far…

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That’s reassuring, thank you! I’m still a little worried about my batch of Original Vanilla, but it’s good to know that I can prepare it and leave it overnight.

I really find it tastes better when you do that… I can’t recommend adding your own flavours enough though, especially if you think you might give up if you don’t like it or struggle a bit with the taste/texture at first… I found my first one with no additions, water straight out the tap & drunk straight away wasnt a very good experience & I worried I’d made a huge mistake… Within a week I’d put all sorts in it, was making it to a consistency I like & making it the night before or in the morning to have got lunch for convenience & also taste reasons. And now I really look forward to & enjoy my huels after just under 3 weeks on it!

Good luck & keep us posted how you get on :slight_smile:

No problem, I even left it in fridge 20 hours one time to have it ready at home coming back from a trip, and it was perfect. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the original vanilla taste problem is still on, judging from the quantity of reports it was definitely a very limited issue, so don’t worry. Anyway, imho new vanilla is great, I hope you will like it!

If you want a suggestion, try blending it with fruit (banana is the best), and I also strongly suggest to buy Myprotein flavdrops, they are really cheap and flavours are great. :slight_smile:

Happy Huel!

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This was exactly the sort of response I was hoping for, thank you!

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Been doing overnight huel for breakfast from the get go near enough, it’s awesome, however it does lose a little sweetness though, I always add cinnamon and cocoa, plus a tiny bit of Sucralose. :slight_smile:

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Breakfast I use new vanilla with almond milk 200ml and frozen berries, ice and blitz in a bullet, tastes fab

Original and then cocoa and coffe or cocoa and pb fit powdered peanut , and some wheatgrass tap water and go

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I make my breakfast, coffee shake with extra coffee, at night before I go to bed - 75g Huel with 300ml water and 100ml milk; when I’ve drunk it I make my lunchtime shake which is then in the fridge for at least 4 hours - vanilla with cocoa, and same water/milk combination.

I find I need to leave at least 2 hours in the fridge or it isn’t cold enough - I use a nutri-bullet to blend.

I found it left a powdery feeling in my mouth if drunk straight away, but it seems to settle and become creamier if left in the fridge for some hours.


I’m only a few weeks in myself, I’m using Unflavoured/Unsweetened, blending it up straight after dinner (6pm) with a handful of frozen banana and strawberry pieces, then leaving it in the fridge overnight.

I then transfer it to a aluminium vacuum bottle and drink it at midday. Tastes fine to me and is really cold using that approach, so a win win. No gas/stomach issues at all either.

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