Hi all - I’ve just ordered received my starter pack in Dubai. After 1 day, I don’t think this is for me - I can’t handle the taste even with the flavour boosters - sad to say it’s not going to work out for me and Huel :frowning:

Does anyone want to buy my unopened bags? I have a vanilla and a berries. Will sell for cost.


Have you tried refrigerating it overnight. It makes a big difference.

One day isn’t necessarily enough time to appreciate Huel. I wasn’t overkeen on my first few goes, I’ve been drinking Huel almost daily now for over 2 years.

Yes, do try to give it a fair chance. I wasn’t sure about it when I first started on Huel, but I love it now! I mix the Vanilla (and the Berry) 50/50 with Unflavoured/Unsweetened - it tones down the sweetness a lot.