Nasty. :(

I’m so disappointed. I love what they are trying to do but, this was so nasty, I couldn’t even drink it. Down the drain it went. I did the vanilla with the chocolate mint enhancer. Yuck! :nauseated_face:

Try refrigerating it overnight, makes a big difference.

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Vanilla on it’s own ok? Just nasty with that flavour boost?

I second that, it’s much nicer.

If I’m making it in the morning I just put ice cubes in and use my NutriBullet to blend

It took me three or four times of drinking it before I didn’t have the same reaction. What spurred me on was the thought of the forty quid I had spent on it, and the fact that if I start a new medication (yes I know Huel is food, not medicine!) I allow it a month before I’ll talk about side effects with a doctor, and I’ve been on some pretty intimidating meds…

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Try this. Ice cubes, huel, unsweetened cocoa powder, artificial sweetener, almond milk. Much better cold than warm, and almond milk far better than water.