Unflavoured/unsweetened Huel first impression

Just got my order today, finally got home and mixed some up so it can sit overnight, but I tried a bit right away.

It’s fine! I really don’t get why people were so worried about the flavour.

I’ll see how it is again in the morning, but I think I could probably have it on it’s own without any flavouring.

That being said, I’m probably give it a bit of sweetness, most likely in the form of a bit of maple syrup, or possibly orgeat syrup (getting it close to something like a horchata.)

Thanks again for listening to our feedback and making an un-sweetened/flavoured version!

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Is there not a choice if you get unsweetened or new version? I don’t think I like the sound of that one.

There is. You can choose the unsweetened version on the purchase page.


I got my unsweetened-and-unflavoured Huel in the mail yesterday, and I have to say that I mirror Julian’s thoughts on this: Drinking it ‘as is’, I really don’t like it. It’s very, very earthy, and the texture is very different and less milkshake-like; I wouldn’t be able to drink a batch unaltered, that’s for sure. Suffice to say, I will definitely be purchasing those flavour packs when they become available! In the meantime, I’ll be sticking with the vanilla Huel and some coffee flavourings (to hide that sucralose aftertaste), which works absolutely fine for me.

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I tried some refrigerated Huel this morning that I’d prepared last night and it was very easy to drink. I was completely indifferent to the taste (or lack off). I think I’ll definitely stick with totally unsweetened/unflavoured for breakfast and maybe add some flavour for a bit of variety if I drink another portion during the day. I expect I’ll still get the occasional batch of vanilla/sweetened and have that now and then as I do like the taste despite the sweetener.

One completely unexpected benefit I found with the unflavoured/unsweetened Huel is that washing up is even easier than the regular version, which was pretty quick anyway! The consistency is a little thinner and less sticky so just a quick shake and rinse under the tap and everything is clean. (I’m assuming that the mixing quantities of powder to water are supposed to the same?) No need for washing up liquid. The unsweetened version seems to mix much easier without any lumps too, even just by manual shaking in the shaker bottle.

Fresh or canned fruit is also excellent, when blended in. But 'm delighted with the unflavoured version.It produces far more satisfactory scones, cakes and biscuits. One can now choose the degree/kind of flavouring or sweetness one wants - and also produce savoury versions - whereas before everything was dominated by vanilla.

Something I noticed after a few days of eating the unsweetened version is that I started to get what I describe as a sort of floral aftertaste after finishing. It’s like a very delicate perfume. Quite pleasant really. I guess the flavouring and sweetener was totally drowning out that previously?

Yesterday I tried adding a couple of teaspoons of xylitol to see what that was like and it works quite well. I also added similar quantities of stevia and the xylitol seems to give much more sweetness per spoonful. No idea which works out more cost effective.

Today I’ve been drinking 2 scoops of unsweetened to 1 scoop of regular vanilla and that is really good. For me that’s just enough sweetness without it getting sickly sweet tasting.

Later today might be my first test of unsweetened + chilli sauce! Will report back however that goes!

I’ve also been trying the unflavoured version and have to say I find a lot better than the original.
To be honest it is just a little bit too bitter but I have been adding decreasing amounts of the original.
At the moment I am down to adding 10g of the original to 115g of the unsweetened.I’ve also reduced the water by about 50% to increase the thickness(now using about 250/300mls).
Tomorrow I’m going to only add only 5 g and think it should be OK.
I don’t think I’ll be trying the new flavours.Why do they have to have colours added ???
On the whole I think Huel is a great product especially now I can have it without the artificial sweeteners.


Thank you for the great feedback. We will look at removing the colour.

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I’ll admit this version is much more hardcore than I imagined. Every bit as bitter and chalky as Julian said it would be. My plan was to rough it and feel manly about it but every sip makes me miss the overly sweet vanilla of 1.0.

If you have a bag of the sweetened try a 50/50 mix and gradually reduce the amount of the original every time. I’m now down to about one teaspoon of the original in 125g total. I’ve also got a bottle of blueberry juice concentrate and find that a teaspoon (or less) just kills any bitterness.

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Please note that somewhere along the line there (since it’s release and today) there has been a substantial change in the taste of the unsweetened version, so it’s not clear which one you are providing the feedback for.

Hi @zoltan the unsweetened version is unchanged since it was released. What taste difference have you noticed? It does use natural ingredients which do vary but those differences should be very minimal.

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Please see my post

I just ate a little meal of the unsweetened (1st order). Never before tried the original but I was eating Jake Light regularly which was vanilla flavored.

Well, if somebody told me that this thing contained nothing but oats (and some neutral tasting smashed seeds) I would have believe him. So the question to answer for those unsure if they would like the taste of the unsweetened version would be: Would you like a blended mix of oats with water? If yes then this version is defo for you believe me.

I like it, but I may be a purist. Just do a (mind) check with blended oats-water and figure it out for yourselves.


I’m agreeing with zoltan, theres a difference in taste for sure…

I ordered a weeks supply as soon as I got the newsletter last year, saying UU had arrived (V 1.1 Batch 1991 Oct/ 16) & found it really tasty. Mixed up to a good consistency & was satisfying.

Got to say that my current order (V 1.2 Batch 2220 March /17) is completely different; its less gloopy :frowning:
seems theres something lacking & the taste isn’t quite the same, also has a different palette feel, (Doesn’t coat mouth as it used to?) I’m considering flavouring it which wasn’t necessary with the first 2 pouches. I’m hoping as its an all natural product that the next batch i buy will be more like what my first order was like as variations are bound to occur…But just read another thread about the V1, so maybe thats where the difference lies… So many similar threads to trawl through! More reading to do :>)

Just tried unsweetened after a few packs of vanilla, and it’s very earthy. I’m quite surprised as the flavoured one doesn’t seem to taste of earthyness+vanilla. I’m using a banana flavour pack, but that doesn’t mask it as well. Not complaining but it just seems strange, as there shouldn’t be any difference between flavoured and unflavoured as I understand it, other than removal of sucralose and vanilla.