Huel New User - Unsweetened Flavour

Day 1: Just consumed my very first Huel. I chose the unflavoured and unsweetened version. It is not unpleasant to the taste! I took a couple of minutes to down it as the consistency was beyond a ‘down in one’ approach! Better first experience of Huel than I was expecting - expected liquid cardboard if I’m being honest! POSITIVE start!


In order to make my diet seem more varied I add natural things to my Huel - I love it with prunes blended into it for breakfast…or pineapple; blueberries; etc. I do however compensate for the calorific values somewhat by only having 2 scoops at breakfast and lunch. Somebody suggested Marigold vegetable stock - it makes Huel taste like soup and enjoyable for dinner.

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UU is much better than the vanilla flavour IMO as it is far too sweet. However UU is inedible on its own but fine with some added flavouring. Some of Huels flavour pouches work fine for me, banana and chocolate flavours are good bets.

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