Quick review; unflavored huel

My unflavoured unsweetened huel has just arrived, so I haven’t had much of it yet, or tried many of the possible combinations. This is not comprehensive feedback, just some quick notes.

@Julian was not lying when they said it tastes like chalk (not that I have ever tried chalk… ok, maybe I got curious once…). It is not an awful flavour, I can definitely drink it without grimacing (more than can be said for vodka), but its not typically a food flavour either. Perhaps most people would struggle to drink a whole meal of it.

Mixing it with the sweet huel in a 1:1 ratio seems good. You can still taste the chalk but the vanilla and suralose makes it taste like food too. Personally this is the right level of sweetness.

Adding a small amount of coco power and a tiny amount of ginger was just right. This is a food supplement I could happily live on.

Update; Have now tried the combination with rosehip tea, its good!

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“Tastes like chalk” makes it sound terrible, which in fact it isn’t. :slight_smile:

I used half of my unsweetened batch to dilute what I had left of the regular version, but I like the unsweetened one as it is and I will stay with this one. Also this finally allows me to try a chili-flavoured one!

Ok, but how else would you discribe that flavour, maybe its more like the mild and creamy version of chalk?

Also what’s it like with chili?!?

Sure, even the flavoured powders taste… well, powdery. And it is indeed more noticeably with the unflavoured one, but I just find it not that bad.

Well, I’ll try my trusted spice mixture to add flavour, it didn’t taste good in the sweet vanilla but it might with the new one.

I just reordered 8 bags of vanilla Huel. Glad I didn’t order 8 bags of unflavoured. I will want to use it with the flavour packs when they come out.

I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the original Huel actually. But I am open to trying the new flavours too.

Just wanted to post back here and say that after 8 months I have truly come over to the [dark side] taste of unflavoured unsweetened Huel.

It’s great just on its own. Exactly what I expects food to taste like. I would never have anticipated my tastes to change so much, but now I buy almost no vanilla Huel. I don’t blend it or refrigerate it, just shake and go.

Also, yesterday, I caught myself nibbling powder straight out the bag.


Do you think we should put a caveat on everyone’s U/U order? “Stick with us for 8 months, you might like it” *inserts goofy/sheepish emoji!

Great to hear you’re loving it still!

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Well when you phrase it that way… :stuck_out_tongue:

My grandfather used to sometimes say, you can get used to almost anything with time. He never got used to the music I liked, though.


“What is this rubbish coming from Marcus’s room?” wades through mountains upon mountains of Huel.