An "experience" but not necessarily a great one

So after a long time researching into Huel, I decided it could be a great fit for me as I am a student. I rarely (if ever) get chance to cook a proper good meal and often rely on takeaways and ready meals.

I decided to give Huel a try and ordered the 28 pack of vanilla. My first try of Huel was with 3 scoops and 500ml water. I can only describe this as powdered chalk, and the flavour that is present is not enjoyable and I don’t seem to be able to keep it down. I can’t seem to taste any sweetness or vanilla. This makes me wonder if I received a vanilla or if i got a unsweetened one, are there any markings on the bag that say “vanilla” so that I can check?

The only way that I seem to be able to drink Huel, is with 2 scoops, 600ml water, and with a whole banana and raspberries in the drink, yet this will be expensive for me to do every time and is adding calories etc seemingly making it pointless.

I was hoping that this would be perfect fit for me, but I don’t seem to be able to enjoy Huel at all, if anybody has any advise on what I can do to possibly improve the taste without spending alot of money, I’d appreciate it.


The bag will say unflavoured & unsweetened or vanilla depending on what you ordered. Generally the black label is unsweetened and the white label is vanilla.

I don’t get on with the unflavoured Huel either and vanilla is too sweet, so I mix them.

If you can’t taste sweetness or vanilla from the vanilla Huel I would be surprised…you either have U/U or bad tastebuds. What about if you taste it dry?

As @nykampmp said above, the white label should be vanilla.

No sweetness at all, its very unpleasant. I gave it to two other people to try and non of us could drink it.

I’m not able to check the bag at the moment but I will later on today, it does say 2 bags of vanilla on the email I received.

I really hope that I received the unflavoured & unsweetened as then there is still hope.

What’s your diet been like lately/up2 this point?
If you ate a lot of sweet &/or processed foods I think it could well taste inedible!
My diet’s pretty ‘clean’ & I get a slight chalky taste - tho I don’t mind it.
Adding fruit could be a stepping stone which you could taper off towards just Huel

My diet is fairly poor, with constant ready meals, sugar drinks etc. Being a student I often didn’t have the time, or knowledge to eat properly.

I’ll confirm in a few hours if I actually received the vanilla or unsweetened.

Nope, the bag is vanilla. Turns out I just mustn’t like the taste. Oh well :frowning:

Give your taste buds time to adjust. Try it thinner or thicker and experiment. Not related or maybe it is if you smoke but when my partner quit smoking the amount of things she could taste changed completely and put herself off a few types of food and now loves strong flavours whereas before she didn’t.

Stick with it if you’re a student it’s probably the cheapest way to get everything you need to keep your brain on song so you pass your course with flying colours.

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I had similar except it was too sweet. The key is never to drink Huel immediately after mixing. It needs at the very least 30 minutes standing. I make mine the night before or in the morning for lunch and evening meal. It softens up all those hard flax seeds which become chewy and a sort of treat.

I threw away my first bag as I and everyone who tried it had the same reaction as you. Go unsweetened and unflavoured it’s not exciting but it has a light porridgy taste and you can flavour it up with whatever you want - Chilli if need be :slight_smile:

I find Huel tastes waaaaay better when it’s cold. Try blending it with some ice cubes or (even better) leaving it mixed in the fridge for a couple of hours. You could also get some of the flavour packs and add some of those – they always taste stronger imo.

Hi mate,

I must admit, although a massive fan of Huel I am in agreement with you as far as the taste of drinking it 100% pure. I am however approaching my third month of replacing 2 meals per day with a Huel based drink and have been consistently dropping fat, maintaining muscle and have honestly never felt better. My energy throughout the day is great and I sleep right through the night for the first time since I don’t know when.

Although I know our goals are different you could always do what I do with some added calories.

I have 2 drinks throughout the day:
1PM - 2 scoops, 400ml water, 100g Banana (approx. 20 pence) and 20g peanut butter (approx. 20 pence) totals roughly 581 Kcal

5PM - 2 scoops, 400 ml water, 125g Blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants (frozen bag from Tesco is 500g for £2 so approx… 50p) totals roughly 363 Kcal

From there I still fit in about 800 Kcal for dinner and I am losing weight, if you wanted to maintain (depending on your calorific maintenance level) you would still be able to eat more, 800 is normally more than enough for me.

For me I can not stand the taste of Huel on its own however with the 2 drinks I have been using over the past few weeks I find myself physically craving and enjoying the drinks although it does take a little time to adapt. I had never figured it out before today when you actually break it down the cost difference is negligible in my opinion, and I am using 2 scoops instead of the recommended 3. As far as the adding of calories I feel these 2 drinks fit well into my goal of dropping BF and they have been working so far. Roughly 1.5lb per week weight loss.

I prepare my drinks the night before and keep them in the fridge right up until I drink them and this makes the world of difference. You want them to be ice cold before consumption.

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Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

@Juddermam - I’ll stick with it, replace breakfast and lunch with it hopefully

@RDW @georgie - This is what I did for today’s lunch, less water and left in the fridge over night and It was a lot better.

@Sirmichaelwhite: Thanks, I will give it a go! The idea is to replace two meals a day so I’ll stick with it and get cheap fruit or other flavours because pure Huel isn’t for me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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