Not getting on with unflavoured huel

I’ve recently started on huel and I love the vanilla. I did read the warning about unflavoured but as I love earthy, natural tasting foods I thought I’d be fine. I was wrong. So very wrong. I’ve tried a few flavour additions (store cupboard, not huel flavouring) but after my disaster tonight I don’t think I can ever stomach it again. I tried adding a tomato and chilli soup powder with hot water - it tasted how it looked…

Can anyone suggest anything which might help me to use this ginormous bag of unflavoured huel before I’m forced to give it away and lose money.
In future I’ll be ordering vanilla - hot with a Tsp of hot chocolate is heaven!

You already answered your question:

Quite a few users mix the two. They find the vanilla version too sweet, and the unflavoured Huel doesn’t work for them.

Try a 50/50 mix. It’s the happy medium.


I’ve just seen this on another thread. Does it mask the taste of the unflavoured well? If so, it’s hopefully the perfect solution.

There are a lot of suggestion here:

Thank you. I did try a few of those. They inspired my soup attempt. I think I’ll leave it a few days and then try some more.

Yes, in my experience it masks the unsweetened (which I can’t stand) entirely.

Have to admit I was a firm proponent of the unflavoured version being released, but when I got it I also found it entirely unpalatable! Sorry Huel!
I started mixing it with spices, and found that fresh chillies gave it a really hearty kick which masked the non-flavour, other favourites were ground cumin, and ground cinnamon.
But yeah, future purchases will always be vanilla!!

I had a trial pack of the unflavoured, and though I actually didn’t mind the taste so much, I did find that for some reason the larger pieces in the powder sunk straight to the bottom of the water, while the whole of the vanilla powder floats. I thought it would be OK after I blended it but I found the larger pieces still at the bottom of the blender. There also seemed to be more lumps that took a while to blend up. Anyone else found this? It might have been a particular batch, so would be interesting to see what others have experienced.

I find that too. No matter how much I blend there’s still lumps. Vanilla blends perfectly though.

@Mattyou my only issue with U/U is that it separates overnight … a quick shake by hand sorts this out and I’ve had no problem with lumps but I still prefer the consistency and texture of Vanilla huel.

@Michelle the 50/50 is good mix … I sometimes add a little bit from a flavour system pouch (half a tsp) to change it up. I don’t have a problem with the taste of U/U but I would say the vanilla flavour definitely comes through.

I’ve been trying the vanilla, and I find it disgustingly sweet… the sweet flavour also tastes very synthetic to me, so it wasn’t much of a suprise when I checked and saw it was sweetened with sucralose (a synthetic sweetener). I just got a sample of the unsweetened, and I’m going to try making it up like the protein smoothies I used to have, using milk instead of water and blending it with strawberries and a banana. The other thing I’m thinking I could do is make it into a porridge with coconut cream and a mashed up banana (as the oat base means it’s already very porridge like)

Let me know how you get on with the coconut milk - I use it like porridge and it’s fantastic.

I actually find the vanilla doesn’t mix well at all, it leaves lumps floating on the top but the unflavoured mixes perfectly, though the bits sink to the bottom I find gently swirling the bottle in my hand helps bring them up a bit.

Back to the point, I only ever order unflavoured, I find the vanilla vile. I’ve found my favourite flavouring, to the point where it’s the only way I have huel is to use 50ml double concentrate lime cordial, 450ml water, 3 scoops unflavoured huel and a heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder. It’s so nice!!

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50/50 or 75UU/25V is ok. I find the Vanilla fills me up more. The chocolate flavour system is good with the unflavoured.

me too - the flavour component appears to have the added benefit of making Huel water-proof - which is never good in a powder destined for a shake :wink:

Blend uHuel with a banana and toffee flavour (I’m using the Myprotein drops) - can go a bit thick but banoffee uHuel is really nice - am drinking it right now.